Google Street View drama with a happy ending, in 4 parts.

It seems like the street view car people stopped to help the guy back on his bike, which makes me happy.

@gueorgui Oh hey Gueorgui, good to see you back! Hope you’re doing well and things at work have settled down a bit.

@rostiger Thank you Clemens, that's a really nice thing to hear :) Things are settling down a bit, and life seems to be getting back on track. It is nice to be back. How are you doing?

@gueorgui Things are going quite well at the moment. A new chapter started three weeks ago. The kid started school, my wife is also back teaching after a year of hiatus. I‘m mostly at home taking care of the household, doing all sorts of experiments towards becoming more self reliant and sufficient, improving things here and there and surprisingly enjoying myself.

@gueorgui Also starting to build a house, which is something I never thought I wanted to do, but here we are. Life can be strange, but I‘m currently just kind of rolling with it, happily not worrying too much about civilizatory collapse (but somehow maybe preparing for it?) How are your sailing endeavors coming along?

@rostiger I'm glad that things are feeling positive, and that's really awesome that you're building a house. It's one of the things that I'd love to do at some point as well!

There's been little to no room to any thoughts of sailing recently, but we'll see how it goes :) I'm mostly trying to work less and in a smarter way, and to find some balance these days... The big changes will most likely come when we decide to leave London, which won't be for another year at least.

@gueorgui Welcome back!!! I also mailed out your coffee beans, sorry for the delay. I decided to buy newer beans for you since it had been a while. I thoroughly enjoyed the ones you sent me and swiftly finished them all!

@knights Thank you!! Very happy to hear you liked ours, and looking forward to giving yours a try!

@gueorgui Included a sampler pack of one of the most popular local roasters, too! I hope you two enjoy them!!! :)

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