Oh man, has anyone seen Tenet? That film fucked me up, in a good way!

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@gueorgui i *Really* didnt enjoy it. the dialogue felt bad, and none of the characters were interesting. neat vfx, boring world. i wont comment on the story since i didnt really get it

@aynish I felt exactly like that about Inception, and a bit about Tenet as well, but the closer it got to the end, the more I was like "oooh so that's what's going on". And I kept thinking about it for a few days after. I missed a lot of the dialogue (because English isn't my first language I assume) so I'd love to re-watch with subtitles...

@gueorgui i was able to predict where the story was going much better with tenet than other Nolan films, so i wasnt as surprised about most the twists which i think hampered my enjoyment

its certainly a film that has rewatch potential

@aynish Ha! You're smarter than me. I was completely wtf'ing for the entire first half.

@gueorgui hah, idk about that just seen a lot of time travel movies 😂😂

@gueorgui it was a fun movie to follow and think about for sure. But my favorite part really is the music - how the composer uses polyrhythm and reversed audio samples.

@changbai Oh yes, that was brilliant and contributed a lot to my enjoyment of the film!

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