Hey Fediverse: what kind of hardware do people recommend to do video editing, especially on Apple platforms? How important is the GPU? Is an iMac always a better choice than a laptop? What are the pros and cons of each?

@gueorgui What kind of video editing would you be doing? Long videos vs. short videos, 4K footage, etc? How important is render time for you, how many extra effects do you tend to use?

The more complicated your editing, the more powerful your hardware will need to be. It also depends on your budget and whether or not you'd like to buy used vs. new.

@jbauer Will be 10 to 30 minutes, in 4K. Not too effect-heavy, though likely some colour grading at least. We would like to buy new and something that will last for a long while. Considering the iMac because it also comes with a good large display!

@gueorgui In that case the specs you need won't be too crazy and you'd probably get by just fine with the base graphics card/cpu on the iMac models.

There are a few helpful videos out there which might help like this one:

@jbauer Ahh thank you! We were watching this channel to figure things out actually!

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