Curious to read people's takes on this extremely grim article: "Only Nationalism Can Stop Climate Change"

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@gueorgui LaTour's New Climate Regime argues for similar, but from a very different perspective. The right has long claimed nationalism, and many would argue it was a mistake to let that happen. There are arguments that an attachment to place matters, especially in a world where places are changing and need to be protected. Much of what is happening is the result of global Neo-liberal politics; there are a lot of ways to frame a response, but this is just one.

@gueorgui How we frame who is allowed to belong where is one of the central questions about how things unfold. I'd say this will be the default narrative on the world's current course, but there are more inclusive ways to do that which revolve around reframing much of what it means to belong in a place. I see hope for that in justice movements.

@grey I've heard similar things as in the article from my more pessimistic pessimistic friends for a long time and my leftist self refused to believe it... but now I'm feeling a sense of dread setting in. I also hope for a better, more inclusive way, but I'm pessimistic about the outcomes, which feels really bad.

@gueorgui Yeah. I'll be honest; I'm still in the process of adapting. Hope feels very natural, but hope and optimism are not the same thing.

At the end of the day, we've got at least 10 years of warming if we halted all output today. There are political ramifications, and at some point the hard right has to shift the other way because denial only works for so long. This article suggests a viable path for climate conservatives, and something like this seems like at least that side of things.

@gueorgui The left is harder to predict because "the left" is a much bigger group of people with more diverse interests.

I've read some solid strategies, but one bigger question is whether the non-parliamentary democracies can find a way to better internal dialog.

There is a rich history of what does not work, that helps in figuring out what can work.

The sooner we move; the more we can have a say in what we get to hold on to.

@gueorgui I disagree with the premises about what needs to be done and who needs to be doing it; but in the UK, at least, I do assume nationalist policies will be the inevitable response to climate migration for as long as the Tories remain in power (and I also expect them to).

@amdt I also disagree with the premises, but a lot of the ideas in this article give me the feeling of "I fucking hate it, but my gut is telling me it's probably what's going to happen".

@gueorgui Yeah, I can’t see it going any other way. I look at who’s in power, who the opposition is, and I look at all the demonstrations and direct action happening… and it’s a Herculean task but I think the needle is slowly moving over (not that we have time for ‘slowly’).

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