After a lot of complaining, I gave up on using desktop Linux for work.

Luckily, I managed to get Lenovo to take back my work laptop (a Thinkpad X1 Extreme) and give me a refund, which I will use to once again purchase a Mac.

I spent the day yesterday moving my data from my powerful work laptop to my x230, which will be my only machine for the few weeks between returning my X1 and the delivery of my new Macbook.

As I settle into the X230 (a laptop from 2013 I upgraded to 16GB of RAM and a SSD) for my work needs, I realize that this is where Linux really shines: simple, reliable, sometimes older hardware, without external displays, exotic hardware, or shitty nvidia cards. i3 feels great on the small display, and things just work, which they never did on the more modern machine.

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For the first time in months, I actually like the computer I'm working on. I don't know yet how much I will like the new, really pricey macbook pro, but I suspect I will miss the simplicity of the X230 there.

I'm looking forward to having professional photo tools available once again, though!

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@gueorgui I always feel a special love for the old thinkpads. It's really a different kind of quality compared to the average consumer laptop and the design is so retro 🖤

@gueorgui I suspected the photography workflow would (among other things) be a sticking point! I’m sorry Linux didn’t work out for you (because I think we all deserve Free Software), but one thing you can take back to the Mac is Nix (it’s a lot better than Homebrew, at least)!

@amdt Indeed, I am planning to take full advantage of Nix for per-project tooling! I don't know yet about system-wide packages, since nix-pkgs seems to always lag a couple of versions behind others package managers, but the per-project environment is a killer feature for me.

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