There's a big shake up going on in the photography world, with the suspension of David Alan Harvey from Magnum. It brings to mind this post written by KaoRi, a former model for Nobuyoshi Araki, back in 2018: (thank you @Tingyi for the reminder!)

When I shared it on Facebook back then, it was met with overwhelming silence from my 1000+ friends, many of whom were involved in photography one way or another... it's good to see that things are changing.

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@gueorgui This is so sad. I stopped following Araki since hearing about this, but the photography world is still in love with him. Augh.

@gueorgui Only found this today, but thanks for the read.

I find it baffling that we can have people claim they're "teaching seniority, honour and misoginy", especially when they're, supposedly, artists.

That list feels all kinds of wrong.

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