Mac people: what are your favourite Mac-specific tools, for development or other?

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@gueorgui Second Alfred, also iTerm 2 for terminal replacement, Bartender for hiding menubar items, Yoink for item clipboards, Fantastical for calendar, xScope for webdesign tools…

@gueorgui iTerm and Homebrew for command-line stuff. Divvy to align windows to a grid. Little Snitch to manage internet connections and stop apps phoning home.

@gueorgui nvAlt (free) or iAWriter (paid) for notes, NetNewsWire for RSS, VOX for mp3, Transmit for FTP (although I tend to prefer the rclone command-line tool lately). Otherwise not many Mac-specific things...

@gueorgui I used an app I think was called Spectacles and it let me pretend I had a twm. That was great

@flip It's been abandoned it seems, but there's a fork called Rectangle that I'm using now. It's no i3, but it's good!

@gueorgui iTerm2. macOS (Spaces, display zoom, CoreAudio, Darwin). brew, Things.

I’m fond of Kaleidoscope, but use ‘git diff’ more.

@gueorgui BetterTouchTools. It is THE best window manager.

Also, Keyboard Maestro for universal and app-specific keybindings.

@gueorgui Late to this party, but I recently dropped VSCode in favour of Panic's Nova. Loving it.

@sam I've been curious about Nova too, but I always end up coming back to Vim, no matter which editor I try, ha.

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