Network people: for a home office NAS used to store photography/video projects AND to collaborate on said projects, is there any way that just wifi will be enough? Or do we have to go down the whole gigabit ethernet route?

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@gueorgui I run that type of system on OpenMediaVault. Wireless does work as long as you have good connections. I do tie my media streamer into it with 10/100 ethernet, but wireless has worked in the past for video streaming.

@gueorgui In my current setup I have wifi bridged between my computer and the NAS. I found iperf3 very useful (if you can run it on the NAS too) for speed-testing various configurations. With my NAS, I got 500mbit full-wired, ~130mbit full-wifi, and ~380mbit PC <- cat6 -> mesh hub <- wifi -> mesh hub <- cat6 -> NAS

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