Ok Merveilles/Fediverse: show me your computer work space! (Or a picture of your ideal workspace). I would love some inspiration for the new year. ✨

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@gueorgui Here's mine currently. I modified an old sewing machine table by removing the machine and the manual drive mechanic at the bottom. I added a board below the table surface for keyboard and mouse.

What I specifically like about it is that it has a little trap door underneath the wacom tablet. From here I can enter the belly of the table and have access to all the cables. There is only a single cable going to the table, everything else is inside.

@rostiger That is top-notch, as expected! Awesome reuse and cable management!

@thomasorus Keep an eye on this thread for some inspiration then! 😎

Here’s my workspace. Not pictured: couch where I do most of my coding or writing

@oppen Very nice! Is that the new raspberry pi that's built into a keyboard? I see more keyboards than computers, too, what do all these do?

@gueorgui it is the new Pi, I've not spent much time with it yet, but it's a nice form factor. Missing in this photo is my work laptop, so there's a keyboard for that, and one for my ThinkPad, I hop between the two all day long.

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