Hey Merveilles, please share your favourite sources of desktop backgrounds!

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Great answers everyone! I've been quite fond of the work of this person recently:

@gueorgui i've been using various andy gilmore artwork as my background for about 10 years now (i can't believe it once i realized that right now hahah). he is one of my favorite geometric artists.

@gueorgui Art from my favorite artists. Anything by Ernst Haeckel or Gustave Dore, usually converted to B&W, interspersed with some Anime artwork... I modify images so they're not too distracting, usually... like so. Promare is normally very colourful :>.

@gueorgui I put all of mine at I feel weird about it because there's no easy way to show attribution, but I've been building the collection for over a decade, long before I thought about such things.

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