I played my first chess tournament game today, and it was really fun even though I lost. Are there any other chess players on Merveilles/among my followers? Would there be any interest in starting a Merveilles Chess Club? We could use to play regular games.

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I made a Lichess team for Merveilles, please do join!

Password is "1bitonly" (no quotes).

@gueorgui Been meaning to play but haven't found the time. Ben Porter (@eigenbom on twitter, I'm friends with him irl) has been playing _a lot_ haha.

@gueorgui Me too, that's my big hesitation - another thing to start worrying about progress on or comparing myself to others haha. Got to break those patterns.

I could probably fit in a game or two a week though, i'm on australian eastern time so we'll have to figure out an overlap and make some embarrassing mistakes together.

@gueorgui @maxc I started getting into it properly a while ago. Reading a book on chess really made a leap in skill. Also an opponent much better than you is the best sparing partner.

@rostiger Nice! Which book was it, do you recommend it?

@maxc There's an option for correspondance play, which I think means you basically play by email :) So timezones might not be too big of a hassle!

@gueorgui @maxc It was the official learning book by the german chess club called 'Zug um Zug' by Helmut Pfleger. I believe it hasn't been translated to other languages, but there are tons of chess books out there that I'm sure are good.

@gueorgui Just mentioning this as another option (and because bots are fun! 🤖) but, there’s a chess bot on Fedi.

@amdt Nice! But I can't help feeling that Lichess is a superior experience (plus it's also FOSS!)

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