Here's a puzzle from the book I'm working my way through, "Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess". White just moved their Queen to F7. The only way for Black to escape a mate is to move their King away to H8 (trust me on this). Can you find the combination of moves that'd accomplish this?

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@gueorgui trade the queens and move to H8 or move to H8 and trade the queens?

Here’s my guess… 

@amdt @thumb sorry, I haven't been clear in my statement of the problem 😅 After the White Queen moved to F7 (taking a black pawn), Black has two options:

1) Take the White Queen with the Black Queen: after this move, there is no escape for Black and White will definitely mate (by sending their Rooks to Black's back row)

2) Have the Black King escape to H8: after this move, there is a sequence of moves that allows Black to escape. Can you find this sequence?

Here’s my guess… 

@gueorgui I see! Black needs to move their king to H8 first, and then there is a sequence of moves which will prevent further being mated, is that right?

OK, here’s another guess… 

@gueorgui ♚h8 ♕f8 ♜f8 ♖d8 ♜a8 ♖f8 ♜f8 and I think Black should be safe… although I don’t know whether Black can mate White after this (maybe I still don’t understand the problem).

OK, here’s another guess… 

@amdt You got it! After this sequence Black's back row is protected by the two rooks so White doesn't have the power to attack.

my guess: 

@gueorgui suppose white will take queen with queen, so get back at the white queen with the A8 rook, and move the other rook to A8 as soon as white moves anything, so to have both black rooks in the back row to clench the two incoming white rooks

of course white can also do other things, but I think the key for black is to have both rooks on the back row

nice site to try things out:

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