I've had the idea of building a CLI time tracker for a long while and I've finally started working on it, but for now my commits are a month apart 😬 That's not great! But at least I got the initial CLI setup going.


Meanwhile, Mozilla quietly added a proper multi-line editing to the JS REPL in Firefox 74.

WFH just as before. For some reason my big monitor isn’t working quite right with Xorg so now I have an expensive sticky note board.

❤️ @Tingyi at home. First attempts at working with raw files in Linux, using Rawtherapee. My screen needs to be colour calibrated, for sure.

COVID-19, panic buying 

Got stuck on a programming problem so now I'm leveraging my inner @drisc and writing my own Pomodoro script to give the ol' brain a bit of a workout 🧠 💪

Also really quite enjoying the Gnome DE. Things are smooth and working well!

complaining about Apple 

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