If you’re feeling a bit weird in this weird weird world we’re living in, why not join an art therapy session ran by @Tingyi this Wednesday, and take some time to get in touch with what’s going on with *you*? It’s free of charge, and it’ll happen from 15:00 to 16:00 London time. Everyone is welcome!

More details on Nextdoor: nextdoor.co.uk/post/1759219472

Semipalatinsk, soviet nuclear test site in Kazakhstan. Photo: Alain Nogues

A wonderful surprise gift from @Tingyi ❤️ “No Teacher But I Can Take Photos”, by Chow San. Strong, witty, cheeky pictures from the streets of Hong Kong. Highly recommended!

Today’s delicious lunch by Chef @Tingyi 👩🏻‍🍳 Buckwheat (гречневая каша) with turmeric and black pepper, asparagus, free range chicken egg, cherry tomatoes on the vine.

My Ergodox EZ keyboard has arrived. It’s disconcerting at first to say the least, but my typing speed is slowly improving (can’t say the same about the tightness in my wrist yet though).

users of the Fediverse, what are your tips/advice? What keys should I remap? How do you practice your typing?

So far I’ve remapped the leftmost backspace key to control, and the left alt key to alt-gr, which I use as a compose key (to type accents in French).

Thank you in advance!

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