Wow freenode went bust -> I guess I should restart my IRC client and change the servers it connects to -> hmm let's see the weechat docs -> hmm why is my weechat still at v2.3 while 3.1 is out? -> why are there so few armbian package updates available on my A20? -> wow the board firmware and OS are so out of date ->

Finally, spring. It feels like we are slowly starting to come out of the long winter — the sun is out more often, and that glum London chill is starting to slowly lift. Something inside is stirring and shifting as well, reaching towards the warmth, more willing to take risks, be vulnerable, and ask for help.

After what feels like a lifetime of winter — with a whole lot of love, struggle, support, and hard work — finally, spring.

Thank you, @Tingyi ❤️🌻

Little traces of @Tingyi around the house. Seeing them daily, and being charmed all over again.

Carried a full grocery load, two pizzas, and a little dessert bag today. Continuing being amazed by this machine. @Tingyi 🚲

I have found the meme that resonates with me the most completely, via @acb on Twitter. I am speechless.

This book is so nicely printed on the inside, and the paper looks/feels great, but then the cover is just so ugly. What to do about it?

Chess diagrams are broken on Wikipedia in Safari, both on Mac and iOS :(

Here's a puzzle from the book I'm working my way through, "Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess". White just moved their Queen to F7. The only way for Black to escape a mate is to move their King away to H8 (trust me on this). Can you find the combination of moves that'd accomplish this?

Day 72 of : writing encrypted JSON of location points to disk, reloading on app relaunch, protecting with FaceID.

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Day 71 of : Fetching a list of nearby places of interest for each marker from the Wikipedia API

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I'm half-way through this book and it's blowing my mind every couple of pages with the brilliance of the chess.

There's something magical about its aesthetic, too — cheap paper, cheap blurry printing, extremely lo-fi layout/typography, and yes: it's printed with flipped pages, so you read right-hand pages only, reach the end of the book, flip it over, and then read the second half.

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Day 70 of : More MapKit fun, adding locations to a map and starting to build UI to add notes for each. Getting more comfortable with going back and forth between UIKit and SwiftUI.

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I guess real love is when your partner takes a picture like that of you and you not only don’t mind but also like it quite a lot. ❤️

Photo by @Tingyi

Reading this tonight — surprisingly gripping and thought provoking. Well done WIRED!

Uh it seems like I forgot to post about a day somewhere? That last toot was Day 65, and this is Day 66 of : Added a bunch of other filters to this CoreImage filtering app.

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Day 64 of : Playing around with CoreImage filters, which are super slow in the iOS simulator (on x86 anyway!)

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