More beautiful boats from Corsica, including this oldschool ketch (or is it a schooner?), and this no less vintage green yawl (named “Gollum”!) seen in the Ajaccio marina

Mildly interesting: the flies landing on my laptop stick to the bezel and never seem to venture onto the screen itself.

Today again @Tingyi is running an art therapy session on Zoom from 15:00-16:00 London time. As before, no art-making skills or experience required, everyone is welcome. Come take some time for yourself in this crazy world of ours!

Zoom ID: 276 049 7148
Password: 518055

2019-2020. One year ago we had our wedding party in Taipei, and tonight we had a quiet dinner to celebrate with my parents. I have to say, marriage is an adventure! One of learning, growth, and tons of amazing discoveries. Here’s to many happy returns! @Tingyi ❤️

I really like my i3 setup, and Qutebrowser matches it super nicely. 👌

We took a very rare tube ride* last Friday and by total chance were on the train where Banksy made this artwork... it’s now apparently gone.

*we wore masks, of course

This week again this is on Wednesday! @Tingyi is running an art therapy group session on Zoom, 15:00-16:00 London time. Everybody is welcome, no prior experience in artmaking required 👌🏻 Come make some time for yourself in this crazy world of ours.

Cycled to the park for a picnic with a friend. Finally got to use my super packable picnic blanket! @Tingyi

Tomorrow (Wednesday) again, @Tingyi will be running an art therapy session on Zoom, from 15:00 to 16:00 London time. Come join and take some time for yourself — we don’t often get the chance to do that. No art skills necessary, total beginners welcome, any art materials are fine (pen and paper too!)

Joining info in the attached picture 💐

If you’re feeling a bit weird in this weird weird world we’re living in, why not join an art therapy session ran by @Tingyi this Wednesday, and take some time to get in touch with what’s going on with *you*? It’s free of charge, and it’ll happen from 15:00 to 16:00 London time. Everyone is welcome!

More details on Nextdoor:

Semipalatinsk, soviet nuclear test site in Kazakhstan. Photo: Alain Nogues

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