A brand new story read by @Tingyi: “The Neighbourhood Surprise”, by Sarah van Dongen 📖🎤❤️

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@Tingyi did a reading of this illustrated book we found recently for our friends back in Taiwan, thought I'd share with y'all here as well :) facebook.com/tingyigirl/videos

@thomasorus DevOps is a bit closer to eternal emacs config fiddling, for sure! I'll have to think about it...

@flip I don't know if I agree with that a hundred percent, but I do agree that the world does not need more of 99% of software being made, and especially of the business models behind it...

@flip I hope the answer isn't "to endlessly improve one's emacs config".

Pardon the sarcasm, been a bit down about this for a while now 🤦🏻‍♂️

Do others struggle with similar things? Sometimes I feel that I like the tools more than the actual work that these tools are for, and that just isn't right...

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Sometimes I feel like going into software engineering as a career might have been a mistake. I love computers, and I love setting up my environment and tools in just exactly the right ways, but when it comes to pushing actual work forward, including on my own hobby projects, I struggle so much...

A random example: I'll spend hours getting emacs to use the right lsp server for clang and utterly enjoy the process, but doing the actual exercises from K&R drains me and brings me no joy.

Wow freenode went bust -> I guess I should restart my IRC client and change the servers it connects to -> hmm let's see the weechat docs -> hmm why is my weechat still at v2.3 while 3.1 is out? -> why are there so few armbian package updates available on my A20? -> wow the board firmware and OS are so out of date ->

@rostiger @thomasorus Those are wise words. The quest for balance is really never ending. It's a comfort that this too shall pass!

@rostiger @thomasorus There isn't really an end in sight, just maybe improvements I can make to my routine (such as prioritising rest). It's really easy for me to lose good habits, and really hard to pick them back up again, like everyone I suppose. Being exhausted is really the main problem, once I get rested up I feel like things can improve organically...

@rostiger @thomasorus That's really great to hear, and an inspiration to keep trying to improve things :) Kudos to you sir.

@rostiger @thomasorus Covered with work is about right. I'm stuck around day 80 of the Swift course, so 20 more days to go, really need to get back to it, but it's not even close to the top of things I need to get back to :) That's life for now!

@thomasorus @rostiger Ahah how are you feeling about the house now? Is it everything you hoped for?

Hello Merveilles, it's been a while 👋 How are you all?

Wanted to share with y'all this beautiful version of The Real Folk Blues that the legendary Seatbelts recorded during the pandemic. Made me tear up a little. youtube.com/watch?v=dX8gZubnMj

@rostiger @thomasorus Hey Thomas and Clemens, thank you for thinking of me 🥰 I'm well, thank you — though with very little free time these days. As always, feeling a bit inadequate about coming to Merveilles when my own creative projects are on the way-back-burner. I'll try to be around a bit more! How are the both of you?

Day 79 of : ooof, fell off that wagon for a while there. Getting back to it, hopefully with enough momentum to finish the thing. Today, learned about TabViews and the environment.

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Finally, spring. It feels like we are slowly starting to come out of the long winter — the sun is out more often, and that glum London chill is starting to slowly lift. Something inside is stirring and shifting as well, reaching towards the warmth, more willing to take risks, be vulnerable, and ask for help.

After what feels like a lifetime of winter — with a whole lot of love, struggle, support, and hard work — finally, spring.

Thank you, @Tingyi ❤️🌻

Legendary Russian rock band Kino just had a reunion live show (though using existing recordings for vocals, as vocalist Viktor Tsoi passed away in 1990). It's on YouTube and it's excellent: youtube.com/watch?v=N83PSvdSYB

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