Thursday evening reflection: You are my hardest lesson and my most fruitful blessing. With @gueorgui 🍷🌛

Got *one* thing done in these crazy few weeks where getting anything done feels like an impossibility. Hoping it will work out, this one thing. 🤞

Hi Merveilles! Nice to be here.

I’m a software designer and tech explorer. I live near Kurama in Kyoto, Japan. Surrounded by mountains and insects. I also have two children and I love playing games (with or without them).

I want to be a better person.

Year of Linux on the Desktop, #theVent 

@rostiger you are right about all of that! I feel seen 😌

@ciel @electret Thank you! That project didn't turn out the way I had intended, but I'm very happy with the result anyway :)

Year of Linux on the Desktop, #theVent 

@ovelny @rostiger Yes, if I ever give up on NixOS and want to go with something less hardcore, PopOS is on the top of my list of candidates!

Year of Linux on the Desktop, #theVent 

@royniang @rostiger Merci Roy! J'espère aussi :D

Year of Linux on the Desktop, #theVent 

@royniang @rostiger I'm very happy with my i3 setup, and I feel very productive using it. The things I complain about used to just work, and are at times randomly breaking after updates...

Year of Linux on the Desktop, #theVent 

@rostiger Thank you!

An accumulation of small things. Mounting a USB drive. Having working videoconferencing. Having working VPN. Laptop reliably sleeping. A hundred other small things... Taken separately, and given the time to tinker, none of them are unsurmountable, but when in a stressful situation they might get really annoying and add to the stress.

@electret @ciel Oh man this reminds me that I really should take care of my website! So many things I want to fix up.

I must've missed something with all the work stress, why is everyone super into Plan9 suddenly?

@royniang there will never be a time when I don’t think of Jerkcity when I see MS Comic Chat mentioned.

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