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Hey Fediverse, here's something that I just started with my friend and favourite designer Mathieu Mayer (he's not on Mastodon, yet).

We're teaming up to build MVPs (Web and native) for new and established businesses. So if you have a product idea that needs to be developed to the point where you can test a new market, or attract some investment, you should talk to us first.

All referrals are very welcome ❤️


@lucaorio The only ones where the title bar bothers me on the Mac are the terminal and Brave. Luckily Brave (like Chrome) does a good job at being compact, and you can run the terminal I use (iTerm2) in a full screen mode that's nothing like the ridiculous native full screen mode macOS offers, so I'm pretty happy with the situation there.

@aadil Thanks, I'll keep that in mind! Firefox has a compact mode and you can turn off the title bar, which is what I did. For the terminal though, the Gnome title bar (the HIG one that has all sorts of buttons in it) and the tabs are taking up a lot of screen space, so I'm probably going to configure xterm to work for me, after I take a look at Tilix. Thanks for the recommendations!

@tomupom Thanks! I didn't know about aerc, this brings me back to the good (?) old days of reading my email in emacs 😅

@cblgh Hmm, noted. I feel like I'm creating something by setting up this work/study environment, but maybe that's outside of the scope of the hashtag.

Oh, you can get rid of the title bar in Firefox, great. How about the other apps?

Anyhow, I was able to setup my environment rather painlessly and even managed to get some work done on the machine! Loving it so far.

- Try to get the fingerprint scanner to work
- Try to get AirPlay to work
- Figure out how to better work with i3
- If staying in Gnome, find a more compact theme
- Figure out Japanese and Chinese input
- Figure out why tmux isn't working the same as on Mac
- Find a good timer app for work

Another difference is that I keep control-clicking stuff expecting a contextual menu to pop up, ha.

I'm porting my config files, which I had created on macOS. So far the biggest hurdle, as expected, is that the user homedir is under /User on mac and under /home in Linux. For some reason shortening it to ~ in .zshrc and so on isn't acceptable.

Will have to think how to deal with that before pushing the updated version to github.

The keyboard on the ThinkPad is really really nice. Much more pleasing to type on than the one on my Macbook.

Giving a try to i3 now. Feels like I'll need to spend some time customising it, but it might better suit my needs (and the low-res screen) than Gnome.

One lesson learned is that settings don't necessarily carry over from one WM to another, which makes sense. For example, I remapped my CapsLock key to Ctrl under Gnome, but this doesn't apply under i3.

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