We started watching Mr. Robot and after just this first episode I'm liking it very much already.

@tomupom Thank you! It's not for another 10 days but this was an early celebration gift to ourselves :)

Today we had our 1 year marriage anniversary portrait drawn by the awesome Wilfrid Wood 👍🏻 His website: wilfridwood.com/

@flip Seems like working with you would be a calm and enjoyable experience. Your teammates are lucky!

@flip I commend your approach :) I do appreciate React and everything it makes possible. Maybe it's the hustle culture that permeates the community that actually bothers me, rather than the tech choices (though the tech choices are bound to be influenced by the community...)

@flip Options for everyone is indeed great! Yes, JSX (and styled-components and Babel and so on) is what I'm talking about, and I'm possibly just old and grumpy :)

@amdt I think it is safe to assume that Pepper hates itself as well.

In the first version of this toot I wrote "I'm not a stereotypical Arch nerd", while I actually meant "I'm NOW a stereotypical Arch nerd". Unconscious denial!

I'm now a stereotypical Arch nerd: I'm running i3 with a customised bar (polybar), and I'm loving it. My x230 runs super fast, and I feel less restricted by the tiny screen.

Using Iosevka for now. It looks great and a nice side effect of a narrow font is that I can have 4 columns of Emacs buffers open on my big screen instead of 3, and 3 instead of 2 on my small screen 👍

@royniang Ahh yes iA Writer was what turned me into a monospace font nerd in the first place!

@royniang It does look really good! I wish I had the budget to buy fonts... for now I'll try to go with a FOSS font!

Programming ligatures in fonts such as Fira Code is another thing I don't understand the utility of. Sure it looks a little prettier, but... Maybe it's because there are way too many abstractions in programming work already (React, I'm looking your way).

@amdt That looks really good, at first glance it seems a bit too narrow but looking at the code samples it's actually really nice!

@gueorgui I use the CJK variant of Iosevka, Sarasa Gothic. It’s a narrow, somewhat-slab serif face similar to Pragmata Pro or Input Mono. typeof.net/Iosevka/

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