Fried rice: wild rice, quinoa, sprouted brown rice. Courgettes, vegan kimchi, Chinese style fried tofu, avocado. Our lunch, made by @Tingyi 👌🏻

The part about the hype factor in choosing developer tools resonated a lot, I'm sometimes very susceptible to it.

@mil @amdt @pelagikat Is that like an egg shaped knife holder or something? Honestly the only thing I can imagine.

@eli_oat If you have time to spare and enjoy tinkering, I cannot recommend Arch highly enough. It took me a long time to set everything up, but I have a much better understanding of how everything works together.

(What are you migrating from?)

@eli_oat One example (with React): in vanilla js, I could import a CSS module with `import cs from './styles.module.css'`

With Typescript, I need to write a .d.ts file for my CSS file, or the linter will complain. Alternatively, I can add a webpack loader that will do this for me at compile, but my linter emacs doesn't know anything about that, so will still complain.

@neauoire Several reasons: the project is growing and some new folks will join soon. Typescript will make it easier to build clean interfaces (object interfaces, not UI) due to strict typing and hopefully reduce confusion for the new devs. Also a lot of the existing building blocks in this project involve strict-ish typing already (react, graphql). Also, I've been meaning to experiment with TS for a while :)

@ciel One thing I'm excited about with Typescript is explicit interfaces, which will help with design patterns like duck typing and so on! I've made some progress setting things up, will post some updates...

@amorphous Yeah, I'm more concerned about developer tooling bloat for collaborators (some of whom are not developers...) than about shipping anything to the end user. The end result is always going to be vanilla JS anyway (it's a web app).

(I don't know much about Typescript at this point, so this is a learning exercise for me)

I'm migrating my project from vanilla JS to typescript, and so far I'm having to install more and more dependencies. Feels bad, man.

Jest seems like a fantastic test runner for JS, but frontend testing is still "here be dragons" territory for me. Learning, learning.

(Disclaimer: I stole the whole thing from Reddit and I'm not even ashamed)

What is 4 letters, sometimes is 9 letters, but never is 5 letters... and always is 6 letters

Big props to the makers of for helping making accessibility part of the process of building frontend.

"Every aspect of your life is a choice. There are default choices -- you can choose to sleepwalk through your life, and accept the path that's been laid out for you. You can choose to accept the world as it is. But you don't have to. If there's something in the world that feels so wrong, and you have a vision for what a better world could be, you can find your guiding principle, and you can fight for a cause."

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