Day 79 of : ooof, fell off that wagon for a while there. Getting back to it, hopefully with enough momentum to finish the thing. Today, learned about TabViews and the environment.

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Finally, spring. It feels like we are slowly starting to come out of the long winter — the sun is out more often, and that glum London chill is starting to slowly lift. Something inside is stirring and shifting as well, reaching towards the warmth, more willing to take risks, be vulnerable, and ask for help.

After what feels like a lifetime of winter — with a whole lot of love, struggle, support, and hard work — finally, spring.

Thank you, @Tingyi ❤️🌻

Legendary Russian rock band Kino just had a reunion live show (though using existing recordings for vocals, as vocalist Viktor Tsoi passed away in 1990). It's on YouTube and it's excellent:

Little traces of @Tingyi around the house. Seeing them daily, and being charmed all over again.

I'm really struggling to organise my time to work on projects these days (SwiftUI and Chinese).

I've been working on them after work before but that wasn't sustainable as I tend to be tired in the evenings and want to have more energy for family things.

Now I started trying to wake up early (~6am), but I often fail to go to bed early enough, and to wake up early enough, and so only manage about one productive hour or so, while I need at least two.

@metasyn @Tingyi That's right — dynamo hub! A very worthwhile investment.

@paul @Tingyi Ahh that's not super easy to repair yourself, though possible!

Carried a full grocery load, two pizzas, and a little dessert bag today. Continuing being amazed by this machine. @Tingyi 🚲

I've tidied up the mess of cables in our devices corner (printer/scanner/wifi router/nas/fibre modem/server/smarthome thingamabob) and I am so proud of myself. Everything is in the right place and clearly labelled ✨✨✨

@zens Yeah, so no from-first-principles calculations needed, for this particular case.

@zens Ahh yes. So in essence this project just became "write some classes that wrap around a bunch of text files." 😆

Day 77 of is a review day and once again I'm skipping the challenge task because I'm up to my neck in other projects haha

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@zens Yeah, I saw this, and this helps on an ad-hoc basis (My arbitrary guess is that people are using it to find out their lunar birthdays in order to work out horoscopes and the like). But if for example I want to be reminded every year of when the Ghost Festival starts so I can prepare for it, that doesn't help.

@zens Agree with your analysis and it seems simple enough. But the fact that no such tools come up in searching the web makes me think (given the potentially huge audience for such a service) that things might not be just as simple!

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