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Back in junior high, in the 90s when the vast majority of people didn’t have a computer at home, I was told by a teacher to copy 500 lines as a punishment for some hijinks.

She was very pleased when I handed in 500 lines printed on our home printer — all of it copypasta, of course 🤷🏻‍♂️

Does anyone have experience using LaTeX with a templating system like ERB? Basically I want to use something like Middleman (and its i18n facilities) to generate a PDF.

…then build some stuff in said operating systems that probably has several dependencies that have Chromium as a dependency. I’m loving this future!

I mean, my mind was kind of blown by this, but then I remembered that Docker images routinely download entire operating systems as dependencies.

This project’s `npm install` is downloading Chromium (108 MB) 😲

Interestingly, while I was writing the code, I was so much more worried about understanding the right algorithms that I completely forgot about such basic things as writing tests and using a damn linter 😅

I heard back from the gig for which I wrote that minesweeper test, and I didn’t get it.

Based on the code that a more advanced friend wrote for the same test, and the feedback they gave me (Rubocop offenses, no test coverage), it totally makes sense.

Have to really brush up on the skills before applying somewhere else.

Enjoying Glories as coding music today. Might have learned about them from @toon but can’t find the original post anymore. If you like Mogwai, might be your thing:

I was complaining about the state of modern frontend yesterday, but dang this looks really awesome:

My macbook sounds like it’s powering up for liftoff though 😂

And, I guess, an even stronger nostalgia for a time when a browser was to display some hypertext documents, not for running incredibly complex applications.

Been doing some Angular 7 work for a client and my laptop’s fans (overpowered macbook pro) have been spinning non-stop. I have some serious nostalgia for the time when Angular 1 had just come out and it was fast and nimble and could do amazing things in a simple way. Just 8 years or so ago!

I'm reading up on @rek and @neauoire's Hundred Rabbits studio and sailboat, and my jaw is dropping further down to the floor with each paragraph. Mad respect to you two, you are an inspiration!

“The Federated timeline is every post with a public status posted by any user that your instance knows about, even from other instances. Your instance knows about a remote user if at least one user on your instance has EVER followed them.”

I didn’t know this! I believed that the federated timeline was basically every post on every instance my instance didn’t block.

I guess that explains why the Merveilles federated timeline is quieter than the one on Social!


Thanks mostly to the people I interacted with on Mastodon, and especially the Merveilles community, I’m again excited about tech for the first time in many years, though in a very different way than before.

Yay, I finally finished. Here it is:

Feel free to play/fork/remix/comment/point and laugh 😁

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