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Get excited about contributing a new feature to FOSS project, fork and clone the repo, setup the toolchain, start looking through the code, realise the feature has already been there the whole time, delete the fork and local clone, remove toolchain, get back to actual work.

These pretzels are making me thirsty 😬

What do people use to track time on Linux? I've found Chrono (, which seems good, but is there something with a nice GUI, that'd keep the timer going in the Gnome tool bar for example?

It seems like Tilix is the one to go with. Thanks everyone!

What terminal emulators are folks using with Gnome? The default Terminal app is ok, but the tabs are taking up humongous screen real estate. Is there something at least as functional and more compact?

And after that I'm going to try to tackle the Design Patterns book by Gamma, Helm, Johnson, Vissides (the "Gang of 4"). Looks very dry and the code is all Java, but it's about time I got my OO design patterns figured out.

Before I get started on the Land of book, I'm reading the book by Sandi Metz, and it's one of those rare programming books that's also a joy to read (it helps that she uses bicycle mechanics for examples!).

Maybe I'm , but whenver I write Javascript, the code I produce always seems brittle as fuck. Ruby, on the other hand...

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Politics, Middle East 

Politics, Middle East 

TIL that unicode emoji support was actually removed from Emacs on mac OS *on purpose* because... Linux doesn't support it as well??


Finished Edward Snowden's book, and it made me even more wary of privacy issues. Considering setting up a Tor relay at home to help doing a tiny part of the work...

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I've put Qubes OS on my X230 as an experiment. The thing is *slow* (of course — it's basically a bunch of VMs), but the compartmentalisation really made me think about how I use my computers and how all my data is, so to speak, in the same basket. I don't think I need this level of security so I'll reinstall some mainstream Linux flavour at some point, but I'm enjoying the exploring and tinkering.

And in the meantime one of the world's most powerful countries, the UK, can't get it shit together about fucking Brexit, so much that climate change is not mentioned in the news at all 🤦‍♂️

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