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I wish Emacs' ruby-mode auto indentation followed the Rubocop Layout cops. Any clues on how to make that happen?


Black friday is the time of the year where I usually renew my VPN subscription. This year I went with Proton instead of TunnelBear, even though Proton costs more even with the black friday deal, because Proton provides better Linux support via their CLI tool, and because it can be installed on an OpenWRT router, which I'm planning to do sometime soon.

The @nextcloud Music product page uses Nightwish albums in their screenshots. You had me at Elvenpath!

So now my Arch install is now booting up, but I've probably messed up the bootloader configuration, because it doesn't seem to be able to decrypt my LUKS boot volume and mount the root partition inside it, and so drops me into an emergency shell. Software is hard!

Was just reading about styled-components and all I can think is OH LORD WHY? Why do we have to javascript all the things? What was wrong with the clear separation of concerns of HTML for content, CSS for style, and JS for interactivity?

And most importantly, who's to blame for this? 🤪

So I've spent some time trying to install Arch on my x230. It's a super frustrating process, but I have honestly learned so much about how Linux works that it's actually fun. I'm glad this is not a machine I need to do actual work on, though!

The lesson for me here (and also from my Emacs adventures) is that it's better to do it from scratch -- you'll learn a lot more.

@gueorgui @pixelfed
(Although it will be of limited use to anyone who isn't inst aviation or planespotting!)

@gueorgui @pixelfed
Shameless promo. Mine is about my world travel with my girlfriend. Need to update it ASAP because we are currently in Uzbekistan and I'm still posting stuff from Central/South America 😅
Hope you like it.

And now I’m going to install Arch, btw 🤷🏻‍♂️

(And by “now”, I mean “tomorrow”. Good night!)

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