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Just found a dude on gmaps whose thing seems to be writing erudite and extremely specific reviews of Hong Kong public toilets

I'm curious about people's thoughts on Fish ( vs more standard shells like bash or zsh. On one hand, I can see there are many handy features, but on the other hand it's using non-standard configuration and commands, which means that the knowledge is less portable.

Oh there's a new 20th anniversary edition of the Pragmatic Programmer book! I read the original about 10 years ago, and it was very influential for me, will be happy to dive into this one!

As a contribution to our campaign to #TakeBacktheInternet, @snowden has given us three signed cards to include inside copies of #PermanentRecord for our supporters.

Make a donation of $75 or more through 12/28, and you'll be entered to win one of three.

Donations are much appreciated but not necessary to enter. Email giving at torproject dot org to enter without donating.

(Actually got married last year, but we had two wedding parties — in Taiwan and in France — this year!)

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2019 was a hugely busy year for me: I graduated from art school, got married, sorted out visa issues, and moved to a new flat, while trying my best to work the whole time. In the meantime I was introduced to the Fediverse (thx @amdt!) and found Merveilles, a community that inspired and continues to inspire me to no end. I hope for a quieter 2020, with more opportunities to go deep into things, and to sharing my findings here. Cheers to all of you! ✨

A nice xmas present for me: the maintainer of Chrono, my favourite time tracking app, has merged my pull request adding some features that I needed 🍾

TFW the talk around the Christmas Eve table is about the mythology of Adam, Lilith, the Magi, and you’re able to keep up with the conversation thanks to your teenage obsession with Neon Genesis Evangelion 🤘🏻

Happy holidays, Merveilles & the Fediverse!

Christmas Eve in the foothills of the Pyrénées and it’s 19C out, with a projected high of 21C

TIL of Dom Robert, a 20th century French Benedictine monk, painter, and tapestry designer. Absolutely gorgeous works, mostly depicting nature. There's a museum dedicated to him in Sorèze (, and unfortunately photographing the works is not permitted, so here are a couple I found online to give you a taste.

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