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Next on my todo list:

- Optimize images a *lot*
- Add the missing projects
- Write a proper intro blog post
- Fix RSS feeds
- Make automatic deployment work

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The stack is just basic old-school Jekyll, with sass and autoprefixer.

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Softlaunching this here: my new website is up:

There are projects missing, and I still need to write a proper intro post (not to mention an endless backlog of potential improvements...) but this is what it will look like!

I'd be very grateful for feedback and comments!

"I want to rewrite my time-tracking app in Rust", and other thoughts that keep popping into my head while rush-coding to meet a deadline.

Polishing some last things on the website, will push the update out tomorrow instead!

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@gueorgui it’s not terrible but if the motivation for publishing content is for folks to read it I think it makes sense to make it easy for them to read it in the comfort of their RSS reader.

Is it considered a dick move to only have the excerpt of an article available in the RSS feed, forcing the reader to click through to the website to read the whole thing?

I really really really like how my website is turning out. Should have the update online tomorrow!

ukpol eupol 

Brexit day. Fuck everything about this.

Moved my whole website stack from Eleventy to good old Jekyll, mainly because I do love the Ruby ecosystem ❤️

Through NetNewsWire I also discovered FeedBin. I'm happy to see polished RSS reading services making a comeback!

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Oh wow, one of my favourite Mac RSS readers from back in the day, NetNewsWire, has been bought back by its original author and is now a beautiful FOSS app:

My favourite Mac/iOS calendar app, Fantastical, has just released a new major version and it went from a normal paid app to a subscription service.

They made sure that for upgrading users, all the features from the previous version are unlocked, which I think is as decent a way to do things as possible.

However, this just adds to the incentive for me to build my own calendaring/information management system. Just the push I needed to keep improving my org-agenda!

Our flat has an empty and easily accessible roof right above us. Thinking of putting solar panels up there (even though lol London). Does Merveilles have any recommendations on which ones are a good investment?

I now have a "Coffee" folder in my Firefox bookmarks toolbar.

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