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Wanna contribute!? Wanna help out!?

> Quarantzine seeks to document this moment -- a collection of responses to history as it happens, as well as a collection of resources to help us through.

Boosts very very welcome

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In the process of building a client project, I ended up with something that might be quite useful if released as a stand-alone package/library. How do folks go around talking to clients about this and getting their approval?

When I need to focus, I play either the Social Network soundtrack by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, or Devin Townsend's Ocean Machine, which is an absolutely epic album:

Does anyone know what Gnome shel extension is it that shows up drive/temperature/bandwidth/load stats near the clock in this screenshot?

ElementaryOS, PopOS, Gnome HIGs... it's very exciting to see quality UI work happening on Linux!

❤️ @Tingyi at home. First attempts at working with raw files in Linux, using Rawtherapee. My screen needs to be colour calibrated, for sure.

It's really nice to see beautiful Linux software. I was looking for a way to record my screen as a gif (like LICECap does on macOS) and found Peek:

Looks gorgeous, easy to use, and works great. Linux at its best.

COVID-19, panic buying 

COVID-19, Science 

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I was stranded in England in April 2010 because a volcanic irruption in Iceland. I contributed to a magazine to commemorate the moment -- all proceeds went to a cause.

Anyone want to contribute to a covid-19zine?

TFW you've been trying to build something from scratch for your project, but of course, someone somewhere has already built it.

On a more positive note, if you use Stimulus.js with Ruby on Rails, here are some great resources:

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