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Me: Have a Mac for 16 years and never build any iOS apps

Also me: Switch to Linux and a couple of month later struggle to get mac OS to run in a VM in order to... build an iOS app

Hi fediverse, do you know of any smart plant/soil monitors that have open-enough software that I could query them (via wifi? bluetooth? something else?) from a bunch of shell scripts?

Suddenly remembered having a Sega Megadrive (Genesis for our american friends) and not having any fighting games and so playing NHL '95 only for the brawls.

When you're working on or studying several things, do you do a little bit of everything every day (easier to build a habit) or commit a full day every week to each?

“These days I’ve often wondered, who in the world am I? And very seriously at that. If you took away my career as a plastic surgeon, and the happy environment I’m living in, and threw me out into the world, with no explanation, and with everything stripped away — what in the world would I be?”

Photo taken by @gueorgui

After writing some C (I'm refreshing my knowledge by going through the K&R book and doing the exercises), I have a new-found appreciation for the gentleness of Ruby's syntax and standard library.

I also have a new-found appreciation for C's speed and no-nonsense design!

Hey! I’m looking for a cheap and lightweight vps that can run alpine or custom images! Servers in Europe are a big plus :)

Keybase, the company that asks you to upload your private keys to their servers, has just been acquired by Zoom, an essentially Chinese company notorious for having terrible concepts on how encryption should be implemented.

Even if you gave Keybase the benefit of the doubt beforehand, this is corporate suicide at it's most graphic. Delete your Keybase keys. Close your account. Rotate everything that Keybase touched, be that password or cryptomaterial.

Awesome that there are so many options out there! Thank you for sharing, everyone.

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Where are people hosting their static websites that is not Github pages or Netlify?

With a friend we're having weekly pair programming sessions where we're going through the Rebuilding Rails book and it's very satisfying to figure out, little by little, how the magic works. Recommended!

It's RailsConf day today, the conference itself has been cancelled because COVID-19, but the talks are available online:

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