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I reject the idea of being a powerhouse. Working steadily at 75% capacity is sustainable and builds an energy reserve that can be spent when the situation calls for it.

I have two coding modes with appropriate music to match:
- Portico Quartet mode
- In Flames mode.

Today is Portico Quartet mode.

I really like my i3 setup, and Qutebrowser matches it super nicely. 👌

@ben Hi Ben, welcome to the fediverse! I use exa every day, thank you for making it :)

The new A11y Project website is stunning. Tatiana Mac has really proved that accessible design can be beautiful inside and out. 😍 👏

Also I’m totally thrilled to have Accessibility For Everyone featured on there. What an endorsement! 💚 📗

We took a very rare tube ride* last Friday and by total chance were on the train where Banksy made this artwork... it’s now apparently gone.

*we wore masks, of course

I wrote about swapping color schemes across terminals and Vim. Also trying to document how scripting in Linux is shifting how I think about computers:

This week again this is on Wednesday! @Tingyi is running an art therapy group session on Zoom, 15:00-16:00 London time. Everybody is welcome, no prior experience in artmaking required 👌🏻 Come make some time for yourself in this crazy world of ours.

I get that Heroku is yet another black box abstracting away complexity, but dang the experience of promoting a Rails app through the dev->staging->production pipeline on Heroku is so nice and (mostly) painless.

How do you make sense of the clipboard on Linux? All the different ways to copy/paste are driving me crazy:

- Just select something (in the terminal for ex)
- Select something and Ctrl-C it (not in the terminal unless you want to kill the running program)
- Ctrl-V to paste
- Middle mouse button to paste
- Sometimes right mouse button to paste??
- Shift-Ins to paste, apparently?

Do you use some kind of clipboard manager to abstract this away? Man, I miss the consistency of Cmd-C/Cmd V...

Sometimes I feel it's weird to run tmux in a tiling WM. (left half of my i3 workspace is a tmux session with development tooling + vim, right half is a browser to preview/test)

Really, asking "what should replace Facebook" is putting things the wrong way around.

A more interesting way to ask the question is, "what did Facebook replace."

People used to build their own websites. People used to have blogs. People used USENET which was truly distributed and un-censorable.

Facebook and Google took the open internet and open standards and monetized and made everything crappy. Enough of that. Nothing should replace Facebook, it's done, stick a fork in it.

Cycled to the park for a picnic with a friend. Finally got to use my super packable picnic blanket! @Tingyi

Fediverse: I (the whitest, cishet-est person imaginable) have been unexpectedly put on the diversity & inclusion team at $dayjob. Our task is to make recommendations to the bosses and the board on how to improve our practices and make our workplace more welcoming for everyone.

I want to use this platform to do an excellent job. So please help me! What resources should I be looking at, what best practices are there, who should I talk with? This is in the UK if this matters at all.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) again, @Tingyi will be running an art therapy session on Zoom, from 15:00 to 16:00 London time. Come join and take some time for yourself — we don’t often get the chance to do that. No art skills necessary, total beginners welcome, any art materials are fine (pen and paper too!)

Joining info in the attached picture 💐

Computer lovers 🤝 Computer haters
Computers are garbage

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