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Today again @Tingyi is running an art therapy session on Zoom from 15:00-16:00 London time. As before, no art-making skills or experience required, everyone is welcome. Come take some time for yourself in this crazy world of ours!

Zoom ID: 276 049 7148
Password: 518055

2019-2020. One year ago we had our wedding party in Taipei, and tonight we had a quiet dinner to celebrate with my parents. I have to say, marriage is an adventure! One of learning, growth, and tons of amazing discoveries. Here’s to many happy returns! @Tingyi ❤️

Complaining about React and JS 😫 

The whole React/Redux/etc ecosystem makes me feel like I need a phd in computer science in order to build a simple form. It takes things that should be super simple (ex: a form with checkboxes) and makes it unnecessarily, overwhelmingly complex.

I get it that in *some* cases this is actually really powerful and the right tool for the job, but for 99% of cases I've encountered, it ain't it.

It’s going to be a work in progress from now and forever, but I’m happy to finally announce that my new website is alive!

I reject the idea of being a powerhouse. Working steadily at 75% capacity is sustainable and builds an energy reserve that can be spent when the situation calls for it.

I have two coding modes with appropriate music to match:
- Portico Quartet mode
- In Flames mode.

Today is Portico Quartet mode.

I really like my i3 setup, and Qutebrowser matches it super nicely. 👌

@ben Hi Ben, welcome to the fediverse! I use exa every day, thank you for making it :)

The new A11y Project website is stunning. Tatiana Mac has really proved that accessible design can be beautiful inside and out. 😍 👏

Also I’m totally thrilled to have Accessibility For Everyone featured on there. What an endorsement! 💚 📗

We took a very rare tube ride* last Friday and by total chance were on the train where Banksy made this artwork... it’s now apparently gone.

*we wore masks, of course

I wrote about swapping color schemes across terminals and Vim. Also trying to document how scripting in Linux is shifting how I think about computers:

This week again this is on Wednesday! @Tingyi is running an art therapy group session on Zoom, 15:00-16:00 London time. Everybody is welcome, no prior experience in artmaking required 👌🏻 Come make some time for yourself in this crazy world of ours.

I get that Heroku is yet another black box abstracting away complexity, but dang the experience of promoting a Rails app through the dev->staging->production pipeline on Heroku is so nice and (mostly) painless.

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