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Day 33 of : more animation stuff, including writing custom transitions, drag events, etc. Fun fun.

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Registering an Apple developer account for our company is no walk in the park — so much paperwork required, including US tax stuff for some reason.

Oh no, I read another Emacs-related thing and now the evil thoughts of "maybe I should give it another try, maybe this time it will be good enough for both work and everything else" are starting to show up. Nope! Sticking with what already works and focusing on actual projects.

Day 32 of : learning about animations. I have to say the animation facilities in SwiftUI are really quite impressive, and if you know how to work with CSS animations, the SwiftUI way is really easy to grasp. Good stuff.

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It's nice when you cold-email a Famous Person to share some ideas and ask for feedback, and they reply with a long email within a couple of hours ✨

Day 31 of : challenge day adding 3 little features to yesterday's app.
- Add a button to reset the game
- Refuse words that are either shorter than 3 letters, or the word provided by the game
- Keep score. 1 point for each word, 2 extra points for words 6 letters or longer, 1 extra point for 4 letters or longer.

Fun stuff, but ready to move on to the next project!

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What do folks recommend for error monitoring for web applications? I used Sentry on client projects and I like it, but their free plan doesn't have Slack integrations, which I need for my little side project.

I need to support Ruby/Rails, and iOS at first, and I'm looking at Rollbar, Bugsnag, and Honeybadger.

Recommendations welcome!

Oh, did the reply button icon change on Merveilles, or is it a Mastodon-wide update?

@Tingyi introduced me to Eternal Love / 10 Miles of Peach Blossom and I can't recommend it enough. (It's also on Netflix!)

Day 30 of : building another simple app, a word scramble game (use letters from a word to make more words). One interesting aspect of this is that it uses the system spellcheck service to check if a word is a valid English word or not.

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Selfie, eye contact 

When you need a Zoom background for your work calls, why not use a beautiful photo of a soviet control room?

Here’s my workspace. Not pictured: couch where I do most of my coding or writing

@gueorgui Here's mine currently. I modified an old sewing machine table by removing the machine and the manual drive mechanic at the bottom. I added a board below the table surface for keyboard and mouse.

What I specifically like about it is that it has a little trap door underneath the wacom tablet. From here I can enter the belly of the table and have access to all the cables. There is only a single cable going to the table, everything else is inside.

Day 29 of , getting ready for another project, learning about internals of Swift string management, and the weird features that come with needing to retain Objective C compatibility. Kind of a 🤷🏻‍♀️ day.

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Ok Merveilles/Fediverse: show me your computer work space! (Or a picture of your ideal workspace). I would love some inspiration for the new year. ✨

There are some big news in the Ruby/Rails world: first, Ruby 3.0 was just released with some impressive performance improvements, and a static typing system if that's your thing. Second, Basecamp shipped Hotwire ( which is a toolset for enhancing HTML rendered on the server to provide the kind of dynamic responsiveness that we came to expect from frontend apps.

This vindicates my years of laziness around properly learning React and the like 😎

Day 28 of , happy Christmas everyone. Bits and pieces of tweaking of yesterday's app today, nothing too exciting. Taking it slow.

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Day 27 of : used the machine learning data I generated yesterday in a simple app. Tell it when you want to wake up, how much sleep you want to get, and how much coffee you drink, and it will tell you what time you need to sleep, based on the CSV file I fed it yesterday. Pretty neat.

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