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Day 64 of : Playing around with CoreImage filters, which are super slow in the iOS simulator (on x86 anyway!)

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Happy lunar new year Merveilles! 新年快樂!恭喜發財!🧧

Day 64 of : More UIKit and bridging and language/framework archaeology today. Also learned to ask permission to access the user's photo library.

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Day 63 of : Learning about UIKit and how to bridge between it and SwiftUI.

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Day 62 of : Learning more SwiftUI internals and a new UI element, the action sheet.

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We’re big fans of 三生三世 in this family, I couldn’t find any good stickers from the show so I got a screengrab from Netflix and made my own, taking advantage of a Stickermule sample offer 🤭

What are your favourite creative studio-type websites? Drop your favourite agencies, small software devs, artist duos, collectives, etc! (I already know about 😆 )

Day 60 and Day 61 of : The consolidation challenge project is to build an app loading a JSON URL, parse it into CoreData-backed objects, establish relationships, and then display them.

I'm very familiar with these patterns from my webdev work, so I'm just going to skip these, especially as my time is limited these days. Moving on to the next project tomorrow.

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We have a chess tournament coming up at work, and I've been re-acquainting myself with the game through tutorials on My father taught me the rules as a kid, but I never properly *got* the game. The Lichess tutorials feel like I'm getting closer :)

Recruiter: Hi is this Jorje… am I pronouncing your name right?
Me: It’s Gueorgui, thanks for asking 🙂
Recruiter: Hi Jorje, this is Bob Bobson from Bobson Recruitment, I hope your well...


Really gutted to see Alexey Navalny being sentenced to over 2 years in jai. Scenes of police brutality from the center of Moscow I'm seeing on twitter are heartbreaking, as well. This will not end well...

Day 59 of : Feeling a bit slow these days so it took me two days to do the challenge day for the CoreData project. Looking forward to moving on to something else tomorrow.

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Day 58 of : Even more CoreData stuff, including entity relationships. Quite similar to the other ORM I'm familiar with, Active Record.

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Day 56 of : Challenge day for the book manager app, with some very minor, rather unexciting improvements.

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I know and use the wonderful Pleco on my iPhone. But what about on desktop? Is there an excellent Chinese/English dictionary that comes either as a macOS app, or as a website? What do people use?

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