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A reminder that the ⚔️ Merveilles Chess Club is a thing:

It'd really be super to have more than two members, so that we could maybe run some tournaments, or even play in some events as a team! Please join, all levels are welcome!

Day 72 of : writing encrypted JSON of location points to disk, reloading on app relaunch, protecting with FaceID.

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complaining about js 

Do we really, really, _really_, **really** need so much complexity just to render a list that comes from a database on the server side? React, redux, sagas, yikes...

Day 71 of : Fetching a list of nearby places of interest for each marker from the Wikipedia API

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I'm half-way through this book and it's blowing my mind every couple of pages with the brilliance of the chess.

There's something magical about its aesthetic, too — cheap paper, cheap blurry printing, extremely lo-fi layout/typography, and yes: it's printed with flipped pages, so you read right-hand pages only, reach the end of the book, flip it over, and then read the second half.

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Hey I'm going to be doing my first ever "live" set next month.

It's virtual and proceeds go to the National Suicide Hotline.

Unfortunately I need (want?) about $300USD worth of gear to perform the way I want to.

I'm not asking you for money because there are lots of people who deserve it way more than I do.

But my music is free and so if you could share it with people you think would enjoy it, and I get more downloads, it justifies me spending the $300USD+.

Day 70 of : More MapKit fun, adding locations to a map and starting to build UI to add notes for each. Getting more comfortable with going back and forth between UIKit and SwiftUI.

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What I love about Merveilles is that even "drama" leads to thoughtful discussion and gets addressed in what feels like a productive manner. :merveilles: :tealheart:

It turned out that this is a “trailer” for a novel. I’m not usually into suspense/war novels but I suspect I will read this one!

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I guess real love is when your partner takes a picture like that of you and you not only don’t mind but also like it quite a lot. ❤️

Photo by @Tingyi

Reading this tonight — surprisingly gripping and thought provoking. Well done WIRED!

Day 68 of : Gearing up for building a new app. Learning about a few fun things such as method overloading, module extensions, etc.

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Day 67 of : Challenge day for the CoreImage app I built yesterday. I'm not at all interested in messing around with CoreImage APIs at this point, so I will skip it for today!

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Uh it seems like I forgot to post about a day somewhere? That last toot was Day 65, and this is Day 66 of : Added a bunch of other filters to this CoreImage filtering app.

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I'm going to work on some code but in the meantime if someone is up for a quick chess game, I'll leave this here:

(First come first serve, after the game starts the link is good to spectate!)

hi!!! (waving👋 ) my husband is now doing the dishes and me, his wife, is occupying his laptop talking to you guys here! hello to the world 🌐

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