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I now have a . Currently it has posts on if anyone is interested (or not). 🙄

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Would you replace your existing internet provider with a community-based ISP, assuming that you'd (at the very least) keep the same speed? If so/not, why?


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Book 1 of The Embassy series starts with an extraterrestrial who has … needs, and the junior ambassador whose job it is to deal with those needs.

Of course it all goes to hell.

It (and the rest of the series) is Pay What You Want this weekend because I'm having a birthday!

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I've been thinking a lot lately about how you can take similar input, give it to two people, and get totally different reactions.

One of the most challenging parts of is addressing all of the possible interpretations of it in the original .

I feel like 'cyber sovereignty' is a pretty good term even in the context of the in relation to the user's .

An interesting, if definitely intense discussion some aficionados may find interesting:

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We consider moving away from GitHub for #Plume, and we would like to have your opinion on the issue, and on possible Gitlab instances to host the project. All your suggestions and comments are welcome!

Quantity and quality don’t mix togerher well, because the clarity of one inevitably takes up the space of the pale emerging contours of another.

A interrupted forks into many different paths at a certain point, broadening the scope it covers, but sacrificing forcefulness.

Insights are those sentiments that seem plainly obvious even when they are fresh. And any is at a certain point in its creation presumed, though often mistakenly, to be common .

The significance of every proclamation fades with passing days, even if it's been made more robust with effort, than just a passing , to retain some of its significance intact with passing time.

The same explanation exhaustively sufficient for today, will prove quite uncomprehensible in the days after.

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Video game idea:

You play as a new hire in some SV corp. The gameplay revolves around handling your workday events (checking emails, answering calls, solving puzzles in the form of spreadsheets, meeting colleagues etc..). Each workday has recurring as well as random events. You need to manage your work/life balance while getting things done.

Short after being assigned to a new project, you begin noticing odd exchanges, references to other projects with ominous code names etc... that pick the interest both you and some of your colleagues.

As you decide which lead to follow, the troubling truth about what the corporation is actually working on begins to unfold.

Your goal becomes collecting enough evidence to expose the company.

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Episode 1 of LibreArts podcast is out and features an interview with the @krita team that I did in early June at LGM.

There's one caveat: I have no Apple devices in my household and I don't live in a country supported by either Google Podcasts or Spotify. That means three aggregation options are out of question for now (VPN isn't helpful either). But I'm really new to this and I'm probably missing something.

Please let me know what you think about the podcast!

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what i wanted was to expose the truth. What democrats wanted was people to work for them and support them to help lend them credibility when they cave in to republicans. What republicans wanted was a dictatorship. Everybody got what they wanted. I did this, with a simple paradigm shift. Democrats were reacting against me, republicans were reacting against them i was reacting against republicans, so when i changed, they all went down like domin ohs

Forgetting does not mean losing, but the broadening, loosening up of the contours of perspective.

The personal philosophy guiding one's writing, the attitude towards what kind of things a person wants to about rarely, if ever changes course.

What we mostly improve over time is not so much the nature of our writing convictions, but our ability to convey them in a way that seems acceptable to anyone other than ourselves.

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Socialism hasn't worked because it hasn't been given a chance or was shot down as it grew (from LRT). Abusive models of life DEMAND behavior like this (capitalism, white supremacists w.r.t inclusivity and non-prejudical life, etc)

In the near future, because of overpopulation and the length of time it takes to deliver fresh food to everyone, it’s been that some people are awake only in the mornings, while others live during the evening and night instead.

But the daily program of every such cycle is 24 hours, the availability of services, menu, prices and work is only on that one daily schedule, and it doesn’t renew itself twice every 12 hours, just as the new group of people becomes active in the streets.

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