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Anyone who needed just a light, server to for themselves alone, Dolphin, of fame, is now an option:

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I now have a . Currently it has posts on if anyone is interested (or not). 🙄

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A while ago I inherited an iPad Pro. It’s powerful, but like all Apple recent devices, it has only one port.

I understand the (damn awful) reason behind a single port for enforcing overpriced proprietary connectors and wireless gadgets.

But one port only for a "pro" device? No audio input nor output? No HDMI, not even a second port? Forcing users to plug a tangled mess of bulky adapters for basic usability?

This is just terrible, disrespectful, ultracapitalist design.

Halcek boosted After finding out about Dolphin we had to try it and see how it runs. Less clutter and does seem faster. Hope it can stay lean.

Every carries with it something that you mean to express, while also having meanings that you don’t want to have captured.

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The most inconsistent thing about the #fedi is its ability to be used within a terminal web browser. Masto doesn't work and neither does #Funkwhale, but #Plume is gorgeous in the terminal browser.

@halcek Confidenciall - confidently fine with confidences

Confidentily - confidentially confident, that is, confident with confidentiality

Doubt stems not from a lack of confidence, but an ability to question.

The only time that good that are truly forgotten are those which we repeatedly and relentlessly choose to ignore even as they come back, because in the moment that we know about them they seem to us easy enough to remember, since they use our own personal way of speech and thinking to get
formulated in the first place, so to us they have a very apparent
internal logic.

An too specific may not then upon recollection reveal itself to be universally applicable as you may
wish it to be, but it is possible to treat even the most narrow idea
as having abstract, that is, more broadly applicable origins in a bigger narrative.

Any theoretical remembrance can only again be fragmentary, that is, have an inkling of profoundness which will be striking and at which we can, again as the first time, pause and dwell.

Because the recollection of concepts, or ideas’s fragmentary, these fragments need be freshly elaborated with insight, to gain a reproducible significance, a solid differentiating factor for themselves.

Sometimes, two versions of a thought leading to the same conclusion can be in conflict...

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Review of The Player of Games by Iain M. Banks 

@halcek Probably the separation between local/global... timeline, meaning you just get one user created continous stream of posts...

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Lemmy Release v0.4.0 - Username mentions, Default sorts, Vaporwave theme, Password Recovery, Arm64 support.

Special thanks to iav for assistance with Arm Dockerfiles.

#fediverse #activitypub #reddit #lemmy

Anyone who needed just a light, server to for themselves alone, Dolphin, of fame, is now an option:

The hardest part of is not to find a theme, or an appropriate style, but an angle: that is the extent to which a writer permits themselves to let go of presupposed convention.

With every lightbulb lost, so many others will light up in its place instead, that we are bound to feel that not a single one is definitive here, that not a single one, but somehow all of them, are what encapsulate what was a single original.

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It's amazing to me how much software is already available on the Librem 5.

- Some of it optimized for touch screens.
- Some partially optimized.
- Some not yet optimized, but functional.

The power of Free and Open Source software (and Linux) at work. :)


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Spent a few hours tonight working on another project! 😎 #fediverse

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uhh, yeah... I only opened the console because your site won't load so that's gonna be a no from me, dawg

A person can observe themselves as if from a different viewpoint with some real curiosity, with real building anticipation and interest upon the process, the journey of their growth.

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