Everything already has been invented, yes, just not yet in all of its forms.

@zrythm Hi. Quick question: Do USB devices (like USB microphones) get detected as possible input devices too?


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The kind of privacy policy I like: "We do not collect your data. Any data you enter in the app that needs to be stored is stored in the app on your device. … The app does not have in-app analytics."
And it manages to explain what other services it uses, and how that affects your privacy.
Thanks, Joe.

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"Why are you so keen on learning languages anyway?"
"I can remember my past lives."
"Uh. Okay?"
"I've always loved reading."
"I don't follow."
"Every life, I was in the middle of a book when I died."
"I must finish them! Do you know how few books are translated to English?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

There's now a automation bot, that those interested in can use to buy and sell automatically, depending on configurable parameters of when the currency is low, or high. Cool!


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#ShowerThoughts Both philosophically and technically, federation is the middle ground between "the centre should have total authority and control over the edges" (authoritarianism), and "there should be no centre, only edges" (individualism or egoism). The essence of federation is that its useful to have centres, but power ought to reside mostly at the edges.

#federation #authoritarianism #individualism #egoism #philosophy

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This is one (extra) reason why every podcast hosting solution should use "?_from=" query string.
(Thank you @jamescridland for the investigation.)
Of course Castopod uses it and relies on opawg/podcast-rss-useragents for that. 😉

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When monopolies of proprietary software say FSF has a governance problem what they mean to say is that they have a problem with the FSF not taking orders from monopolies and not choosing a composition that harms the FSF’s mission.


#fsf #freesoftware #gnu #rms #techrights

A that is universal, must in its applicable essence be non-linear.

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@Stoori I started writing a guide to getting up and running with your own instance. It is quite an involved process with a steep learning curve but financially is quite accessible (I pay less than my mobile phone bill to run cathode church).

(Also self-hosted :blobcat_sipsmile: )

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This is an excellent statement from the FSF India about the current #RMS controversy:

"Unfortunately many of the arguments made against him were based on misunderstanding and half truths. More dangerous is concerted attack on RMS vilifying him and trying to isolate him. FSF India condemns this action. There is no freedom more important than freedom of thought and expression."

To understand the background, see for example this: edsantos.eu/on-stalman/

#freedom #fsf

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The recent increase in Western focus on pushing out anti-China articles has most to do with:

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The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Podcasting, The Fediverse, and Everything…
🎉 Castopod alpha-4️⃣2️⃣ is out!🚀

It brings social networking to podcasts, and podcasting into social networks!
The podcasting universe has finally merged with the #Fediverse. 😌

The first is always a mere impression. It takes yet another, to get it to work.

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My LGBT- and women-friendly NSFW Cyberpunk game project (thread) 

Now for the fun parts and game mechanics:

(donations welcome 😉)

The game is a visual novel; I'm hiring top artists to draw the characters and backgrounds, so it's already becoming expensive.

Part of the game mechanics will involve the MC acquiring submodules (both from broken androids or downloaded from the internet) that will be turned into hacking abilities that she will use to work around and eventually disable her programmed directives;
but your main tool will be malicious compliance 😈:

If your masters forbid you from talking to other androids, you'll refuse to go to stores because it will force you to talk to other androids, so your masters will start narrowing the scope of your orders - and in that reduced scope you can find circumstances that will allow you to finally communicate with your partners and make an escape plan.

Yes, in this game you're an android breaking free from its programming 😈. Let the SciFi authors go into panic mode 😱 😛.

If you're interested in this game and want to bring it to fruition, feel free to donate to my Patreon!



#NSFWdev #Indiedev #VisualNovel #SciFi #Cyberpunk

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Hey Guilers ! 👋

It's been almost a year I couldn't meet any of you to share free software love around a piece of code. 😥

So I spent few hours to setup a solution to host remote pair programming sessions. 🚀

It's hosted on Guix VMs, with Emacs and the bare minimum to edit Guile code. 😍

If you are interested to join me, let's save a date and share the details ! 🤝

#gnu #guix #guile #scheme #emacs #remotePairProgramming #pairProgramming #testDrivenDevelopment #tdd #tddKata

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People working on web engines:

This year our (remote) Igalia WebEngines Hackfest will be early May - I can't wait! 🤓​


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"Some in the mob have a strategic interest in #RMS and the #FSF being lynched. Because they want the hyper-capitalism-compatible, surveillance-tolerant model of “open source” to prevail over the ethical, philosophical and political concept of “free/libre software”.
Like Google, they prefer MIT license over the AGPL (that prevents business based on hiding from the users what is being done with their data)."

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I have come to a strange realisation. Some of the blogposts that are being discussed with regards to , make people uncomfortable, because of their very delicate, and sensitive subject matter that they opine upon. That alone, makes a lot of them just want to distance themselves from RMS, given that the subject matter of his polemics is such a delicate matter.

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Something I have noticed about Watch Dogs: Legion. It paints a near future we're pretty much heading towards and are partially already in. Surveillance state, corrupt privatised policing, etc. But people are still able to protest in-game, whereas irl the UK is currently trying to effectively make protesting illegal.

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