Really, @purism? You copy a bunch of open-source apps and make it look like they are yours without any mention of the original apps? I think you should delete these apps immediately and publicly apologize. Or at least don't have the audacity to call yourself a "Social Purpose Corporation that does not exploit people and puts doing social good over maximizing profit ", because its obviously not true.

@ConnyDuck @purism This is really destroying the reputation of the whole project for me...

@gaab @purism yeah the idea is nice but the execution really bad

@ConnyDuck @gaab @purism Why should anyone interested in free/libre software and a web of diversity opting for "centralized" services run by a single company instead of grabbing the "original"? (I know the answer - its just for the sake of comfort...)
To me this has a strong taste of "googling" free software together and bind the users to the services of @Purism. Till now i was not really interested in @Purism, now i'm sure i will avoid their products.


@guzzisti @ConnyDuck @gaab @purism @Purism This is a really awful take on the whole reality of the situation. An ill-fated misreading at best.

Truth is that the apps are all free/open. They operate their own instances of both mastodon ( and Riot, with their own clients.

They do not charge you for the apps, their crowdfunding campaign is for other upcoming products like encrypted email (there's NEVER enough of these) and encrypted file storage, as well as a FREE VPN tunnel.

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