Mesh network 

Seeing as it's my last day before work start up again I decided to play with my mesh network experiments again (a couple onions omega2's + rpi3's WiFi interconnected)

It's now 4am and I have a weird thing where I can inject code into a node on the network and it will cross pollinate the update.

Now I can finally just deploy once and it will self update. No more of the hacky trigger of git repo downloads.

Next up
- distributed repo of firmware.
- some semblance of security.


Mesh network 

Distrubuted firmware: I have this idea of trying to keep the firmware seperated out onto the different devices. You start out with a very lean version of the firmware and if your node has to do something it doesn't have a module for it will grab that bit and perform it if it isn't on itself yet. Effectively allowing firmware to be fully modular and scripting rather than precompiled.

Now to define security you'll need a sort of validation of source and those kinda things.

Mesh network 

Not quite sure of the viability of this, very lofty Pi in the sky kinda thing. But hey why not I got some time and love learning how to do things and how things work by failing at my goals.
Must say that learning through failure to reach a goal or even achieving it is my favourite way of learning.

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