Mini gameframe #theWorkshop 

This morning between midnight and 10am I built a tiny game framework with just an update loop structure and all the nifty hook-ins for modules, vanilla js and canvas.

After a nap at from 2pm onwards I quickly added a input as well as an particle physics module.

Finally took all the heaped up inspiration from @lorenschmidt and started making my own little experiences.
Still a far off way to go, but getting there.

Mini gameframe #theWorkshop 

First time writing a physics system, that was a pretty messy challenge but the freedom of just trying and seeing what happens was alot of fun.

Only using own code and designing how to work systems was pretty cool.
Being intimately familiar with all the code all the time is pretty comforting and I'm quite comfortable just grabbing core code and tweaking it to optimise on the fly which is not something I'm used to coming from a unity background.

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