Microservices =? Sustainability 

I've been thinking alot lately about moving from doing bespoke solutions into doing longer term income projects.

Currently considering doing a few microservices for micro subscriptions.

A single purpose mini service with a $0.30 monthly or something small like that.

Tiny fee for a specific task you'd do monthly or bi weekly.

Anyone here have any experience managing subscription based services?

Microservices =? Sustainability 

@hamman there aren't many good services that will help you handle small transactions like that.

Microservices =? Sustainability 

@neauoire yeah I've come to a similar conclusion. It seems to be that major problem with this concept sofar.

PayPal for example takes a total of $0.30 for each transaction.

So it's an interesting problem to face.

I've reached out to a few of my friends at FinTech companies looking for microbilling support and it looks like there are options but it's gonna be a hassle either way.

Microservices =? Sustainability 

@hamman @neauoire what I see most services with payments this small implement, is a prepaid-credit system where you pay a somewhat larger amount and then use it up over time

Microservices =? Sustainability 

@eel @neauoire failing finding a workable solution I might have to end up doing something like that.

Do a shared credit pool that can be used across multiple mono purpose mini services might just be the way to go to facilitate this concept of mine.

Trying to decrease upfront cost to end users is turning out to be an interesting challenge.

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