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Hello all! I'm a computer musician and composer based in the US.

I created an open source python system for computer music composition called Pippi -- which is complemented by an interactive system for performance called Astrid.

I operate a sporadic netlabel called LuvSound ( and an ever-growing web radio station with a focus on generative music called Aleatoric Forest. (


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I'm also currently developing a web service for creating generative music cues for use in video called Cue Composer.

My dayjob is working on the fundraising system for the best radio station in world: WFMU. (


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At this point, I'm not really sure this 28 minute long thing is meant to be fixed. I could (and have been) listening to variations of it for days.

Maybe it's a neverending generative radio project instead...


Oh no I'm stalled on everything I'm reading right now... I told myself a while back I wouldn't start anything new until I'd finished what I was currently reading. Max four at a time... but that thing happened where I've lost interest in all four at the moment... guess I'll see how I feel tomorrow.

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Every wanted to know how a table-lookup oscillator works? Here's a classic design of one, written as a literate program. It is a full implementation that outputs to portable ANSI-C code:

#literateprogramming #computermusic

I’d like to read Freud’s Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious as rewritten in 2025.

Difficult Listening Club meets for the second time tomorrow on IRC -- DM me with your email address for details if you'd like to join us!

Schedule is up here:


When we finally did the hello snuggle he was purring so hard it sounded like he'd lost his breath too. I thought awww he wanted to snuggle so much.

Then, when I was unpacking the groceries and the treats came out I realized what the fuss was actually about. 😛

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I just dragged too much groceries home in 100 degree heat sweating through a too thick mask...

Usually when I get home my cat gets a hello snuggle and a treat. Instead I dumped the groceries on the table, grabbed a bottle of water and plopped into my rocking chair to catch my breath and cool down.

He looked really confused and anxious pacing around me, tail at quarter-puff, at one point leaping onto my belly and jamming his face into mine.


Not to say the sorts of shape, narrative, overt form that explores the terrain of much shorter windows of time, gesture, etc is bad at all, just that it comes much more easily for me... and gestures that extend just beyond the gestalt of comprehension are something I love in so much music but have to work much harder to arrive at, I guess.

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Spending nearly three days straight listening to ~20 minute renders of slow transformations is really nice.

I'm excited where this thing is going to end up, and also skeptical that anyone else is going to sink their own 30 minutes into it. 😛 But that's OK.

I've always had trouble with long-form pieces, I get antsy and resort to pace modulation - quickening the rate of change, short-circuiting it, making valleys and gorges etc. It's surprisingly difficult to resist that and let something crawl.

Whoops, I lost half the day to wavefolding algorithms. Haven't actually done a render since like lunchtime...

This longform thing I'm working on now (experimenting with micro-gestures at different timescales & domains) is getting really laid back sounding. Knocked the cat out cold. A good sign.

I like seeing all the screenshots in the local timeline suddenly. There’s something soothing about the crisp lines and shading of the UI, like a Max/MSP patch before they switched to JUCE.

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There is a big change coming to pip in October -- a watershed moment, a minor revolution. It'll be a great foundation for making it easier to deal with #Python packaging.

This is a thread where I'll share some of the stuff @`ThePyPA can build on that foundation.

And usually I am bad at predicting the stuff that will work. Right now I'm working with a spoken phrase I was using to calibrate a short session of ultrasound recording instead of all the intentional stuff I recorded after...

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If the story inside that base gesture is compelling, it really carries through despite the huge timescale difference. Micro-form into macro-form.

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I like segmenting short gestures into wavetable stacks to feed into a 2d pulsar osc that can morph gradually from timbre to timbre.

Tonight I'm working on something nearly 30 minutes long that changes very slowly.

It's interesting to try to improvise some timbre gesture or play-sequence as Annette Vande Gorne would say (just a mic in a room, manipulating objects at hand) and try to imagine how it will smear into a totally different timescale with a completely different harmony.

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