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My friend asked me to write lyrics for something he's working on -- this is a very fun detour in life. I haven't written lyrics for something in like... woah more than 12 years I guess.

"in a field where no commercial logic motivates non-musicians to do such work, the onus is on the players to sustain infrastructures for creative music"

Oh wait, I remember a certain cat batting it around the other day. That'd do it...

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I just reset my wristwatch like a week ago, how is it already more than 6 minutes slow. 😞

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"A barefoot hiker told me once that the reason we’re drawn to screens is that we’re looking for fire."

python strftime reference 

Oh snap, this is handy:

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I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for the weekend.

Might not actually end up using any LPC yet, but today's project is to finish turning ~4 minutes of fake strings into a slowly growing 30 minute arc... (I've already done a lot of that work but more today!)

Here's the input source (a few layers of synth strings plus some reverb at the end...)

Added more notes about my little linear predictive coding weekend adventure:

Probably some more to come today...

I'm listening to Paul Lansky's Smalltalk record from 1990 in its entirety for the first time since college probably... and I forgot about the epic 19 minute guitar shredding jam at the end lol :)

Rule of thumb: if it's new to me & I'm excited about it, @paul probably has a reference implementation & research notes somewhere.

Brent Gutzeit's Pop Music is constructed from an insanely curated collection of bits and bobs of this CD and that LP and a boot or two of guitar from Tim Kinsella...

Haha -- I spent all day on this one section of a thing and finally I'm happy with it now that it's gone from caustic foreground element to distant kettledrum rattle in the mix...

I started and finished a piece of music within 48 hours. What sorcery is this?

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