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If you are on Linux, and have SoX installed (it's 1 small package), then here is a bash alias to let you have relaxing ocean waves+waterfall sound playing, for if it calms you, or helps you in any way-- completely offline and lag-free. I'm using it as I fall asleep at night; gitlab.com/-/snippets/2066323 - thank you for inspiring me @WhirlyTheGig

I'm sorry, the nerd you have dialed is currently listening to Morton Feldman and won't be out of a trance for about 50 minutes or so. Please leave a message after the tone.

I'm actually listening to the Charles Curtis recording right now, but I'll have to check out this video of a 2015 performance at some point too. <3 Feldman


stupid slack workarounds 

Just setup slack notifications to email me on mentions or DMs, then added a filter in fastmail to forward those emails to the address my carrier provides for text messaging.

Now I can leave slack closed while I work, finally. :)

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Where do you like to hang out on IRC?

Besides a private server for friends, and the channel (we'll be back soon...) I can usually be found idling in and on freenode...

And you?

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btw I told Eliane how sound twitter loves her and she said she is 90 now! so this has been wrongly reported! *-*

listen to the amazing composer Eliane Radigue - Kaylasha

RT @poemproducer@twitter.com

it is Elianes birthday <3 listen Eliane Radigue

🐦🔗: twitter.com/poemproducer/statu

It's probably been more than 20 years since I listened to this record -- it's still tons of fun.

slack web client 

*takes 10+ seconds to load just switching back to an already open tab*

*first interaction causes a full reload of the entire page & loses anything previously typed or any navigation previously performed*

Every. Day.

(I've tried the alternative clients, unfortunately none worked well enough to replace the web client... and no thank you electron I'll run one browser at a time...)

notes & conventions 

Recently I've been trying to see if I can solve problems in my scores by finding conventions for doing common procedures in simple ways, instead of just expanding my library every time I start repeating myself...

I have this medium-sized fancy sequencer abstraction that is very powerful but I always have to remind myself of the APIs. My first passes always just do math on a counter, & I'm thinking of ways to make that approach less messy w complex structures...

Playing around with a plucked string physical model ported from JOS (and a SineOsc bass + bandlimited noise hats...)

Playing around with some samples of a little tikes keyboard I've had forever & finally recorded a while back...

cabin dreaming 

I kinda feel like I'm 9 years old doing this, my reference to reality is tentative. Still, gotta start somewhere!

Here's a sketch of how the partially underground cabin I'd like to build by ~2026 could look.

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