Hello all! I'm a computer musician and composer based in the US.

I created an open source python system for computer music composition called Pippi -- which is complemented by an interactive system for performance called Astrid.

I operate a sporadic netlabel called LuvSound (luvsound.org) and an ever-growing web radio station with a focus on generative music called Aleatoric Forest. (radio.af)



I'm also currently developing a web service for creating generative music cues for use in video called Cue Composer.

My dayjob is working on the fundraising system for the best radio station in world: WFMU. (wfmu.org)


@hecanjog welcome in. Your work sounds fascinating. I know a couple of composers who I'm going to point to your program. Looking forward to your contributions!

@alrs @liaizon @rev_mook cool, so am I :) also please accept my most sincere apologies for any heinous software interactions while pledging (we had a rough few years, it's getting better though I think...)

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