President of C-K AlgoRhythm Inc., an electronic music consulting firm.

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@celesteh doubly funny since I actually found this paper via a citation in something Collins wrote

@hecanjog He has one paper with 20 citations according to google scholar, but this doesn't include Collins's citation.

When did Collins write the paper? He seems like he might have been an inspiration for Click Nilson.

@hecanjog The earliest Click Nilson citation I could find was from 2007. And the latest is from 2019, which is surprising, given that I'm sure I saw Nick Collins tweet out a death notice for Click some years ago.


I can tell if these text scores are really confusing or if one pint is actually too much for me after weeks of lockdown

@celesteh haha these are great -- I think it's fair to say they're confusing, but they seem to be mostly silly metaphors (as much as destroying a Korg synth on stage is a metaphor for slitting the throat of a corgi!??) -- the first one would be fun to try with the right people...

@hecanjog Scratch music if Cardew had become a republican and overtly political at an earlier point.

I want to do a zoom* version of these.

* Jitsi Meet or Mozilla Hubs or Second Life, or anything but actual zoom

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