@helveticablanc so, *this* is the spell to summon chocolate cake !

@helveticablanc Oh wow, this piece really ramp ups that feeling of... alienation? My brain is trying to failing to recognize "the creature/being" and it makes it uneasy in the best of ways :)

@FredBednarski Ooo, thank you! I def feel like when I work in almost all black and white that it really starts to feel alien!

@helveticablanc Yeah, your usual colors are so inviting that my brain is willing to overlook the alien look and still see it as welcoming... here - red flags are risen and I love it!

Also I think the lack of any organic shapes is making it so alien...or the fact that I see faces in 3 out of 4 spheres... or that the bottom sphere actually looks like it's a hole or a negative.

It all works for me.

Thanks for sharing it and making my brain question itself :)

@FredBednarski I love hearing what folks think when they look at my work! Thank YOU!

@helveticablanc your art makes me feel really weird and I'm all about things that make me feel really weird.

@grimmware Thank you! I hope I can continue to make you feel weird! πŸ˜‚πŸ’ž

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