Some curses you inadvertently bring upon yourself.


@helveticablanc Seeing the consistent quality of your work makes me wonder how long it took for this aesthetic to mature. I've tried a few times to explore digital visual art and I find myself spending hours just figuring out how to make a mark look the way I want

@dualhammers I started this particular aesthetic last September, but I also had the advantage of being a professional illustrator and designer for over a decade, and a weirdo digital art kid since the mid-90s. 😂💞

@helveticablanc lolol, yeah 25 years of experience certainly is the answer

@dualhammers In all fairness, I'm nearly entirely self-taught, and have plenty of gaps in my knowledge. I think someone with more focus could get there MUCH faster!

@helveticablanc Focus requires a dopamine response and desire which are hard to induce by will

@helveticablanc "damn it! my snake friend is flirting with my secret eye again"
joke aside, that's some pretty nice art

@helveticablanc love your visual style. is this purely digital or are you using physical materials to make these?

@rosano Thanks! It's all digital, unless you count the scans of paper that I add for texture!

@helveticablanc ah that's how you did it, was wondering, they all have this 'warmth', doesn't feel pure vector/mathematical

@rosano I also draw most of the shapes by hand, so that adds enough little imperfections to keep it from being too stiff!

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