@helveticablanc Nicely done, love the sleeves.

It's much more entertaining to turn an innocent piece of art that's lacking naughtiness material into a portrait of unexpectedness than taking one with already several elements with great potential, so I'll stay quiet for this one. Sorry :p (or maybe it's a good thing)

@helveticablanc Ever thought of doing cheese labels, though?

(I hope using your art to do mockups is fine! It's for imagination and entertainment purposes only shared here, always in response to you. I don't plan to make cheese labels, especially with low ppi images; no animal has been harmed during the making of this craziness.)

@eidolies Haha, I hadn't considered it before! And I def don't mind, Eidolie (shall I call you Eidolie or a different name?). 😂💞

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