@helveticablanc In love with the longed-bodied triangular-faced entity on the far left. Beautiful.

@rek I've really been digging some of the more "architectural" friends I've been drawing lately! It's good to see other folks notice too! 💙


so nice
(space, color, glyphs, grey scale background crowd)

also, i am begining to appreciate the character (looseness ... vulnerability ... ?) of your "line[s]"

as always ... you are so kind to share these freely ... thx!

@js0000 Thank you! I always appreciate your observations as well! 🙏✨

@helveticablanc Gorgeous stuff. Reminds me of artwork from the Spirited Away/Howl's Moving Castle films.

@helveticablanc I just found your work! Some of the drawings have stuff that looks like writing and I'm curious about whether they're an actual language you made or if they're just asemic writing

Loving the few drawings I've seen so far

@TheAndSys Thanks! Most of what I make is asemic nowadays, but I do throw in some stuff from a script I made called Wormrōte. It's still (mostly) English, just in an obfuscated script.

@helveticablanc Fantastic! I feel like I'm one of the characters around, carefully witnessing the ritual.

Finally found you. From some days don't sleep in nights try run mastodon docker and it didn't work. So I try on my v.m. install no docker mastodom with peertube and it didn't work. Comment duplicate backend. Very bad. It don't have apache2 support. In the moment I had to install third virtual machine with clean Ubuntu to make it work and connect from apache to nginx to this virtual machine part 1

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