I do some amateur photography as a hobby, and thought I'd share some photos from time to time. These were taken from two trips this month: Cape Disappointment and Olympic National Park.

I anticipate spending a LOT more time in the National Park.


Some stats for actual photographers to cringe at:

I shoot manual on a Fujifilm X-T100 with a TTArtisan 40mm f/2.8 Macro Lens. I have no idea what I'm doing, and it's ABSOLUTELY the wrong lens for distance shots like this, but I really like the dreamy feel of it.

@helveticablanc It's the right lens if it makes the pictures you want. :D I shoot with *really* weird lenses.

@helveticablanc I got really obsessed with soviet lenses. I shoot on a Nikon Z6, and I have a buncha adapters. I've got a Jupiter 37A which is wild and makes very pretty pictures. I also was looking around for like the "best" 50mm vintage lens, and idk if it's best but like the Konika Hexanon 50mm makes spuper pretty stuff (and it's really really cheap) partially cuz I've never had a lens with such a small aperture, but also it looks really good wide open (DOF and boke are so pretty)

@helveticablanc I have a wishlist a mile long on the soviet lens front, including some enlarger lenses which are supposedly really really nice

@helveticablanc oh oh i also have one of those old Nikon reflex lenses (which is basically a mirror telescope) and the reviews are always like 'oh no never use these for photo' but idk I've gotten some great shots out of it even tho it has a fixed aperture.

@transmundane Fascinating! It's super interesting to me when folks use stuff outside of intended parameters. Esp when they get interesting results!

@helveticablanc no wrong focal length for any genre of photography really! sometimes lesser used focal lengths for certain subjects make for really interesting framing! I really like these

@helveticablanc I use 50mm for all photography, I even sold my zoom lens because it has been gathering dust for years. And I never do portraits at all, I generally don't take pictures of people. I just love 50mm. I believe that photography is created by a person, technology is just a tool. I remember reading an article about a homeless man who made himself a camera out of some trash.

@helveticablanc And yes! Your pictures are pretty! Amazing use of black and white.

@helveticablanc My everyday lens is also a 40mm 2.8 macro - nothing wrong with that - just because it can focus close doesn't mean it's not capable elsewhere too

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