It's so funny to me that on Twitter I have to tap a sign every couple weeks that says "My art is not for fascists, racists, transphobes, SWERFs, ableists, capitalists, crypto / NFT weirdos, or anyone sympathizing with them" and block folks en masse.

Over here, I just casually mention I'm an anarchist every now and then, and the folks interacting with me tend to filter themselves. It's great.

@helveticablanc and liked, our servers help filter too over the long term. It's nice.


you contribute so much

i'd like to think that gets you ”points" ... but maybe the community is just more chill (well ... pretty easy to be more chill than T (esp with "apartheid clyde" in charge))

also, there seems to be a lot of anarchist [-leaning] folx on fedi ... prolly a greater concentration than in general population

and you seem so friendly ...

i like to say 'hi' once in a while

@js0000 I appreciate it! And yeah, it's waaay more chill over here.

I also appreciate you saying hi! 👋

@helveticablanc So, free market anarchists should unfollow? 😧

B-b-but .. I like your art and I don't have any issue with anarchists.

Well, depending on a definition of capitalism, being on that list with fascists and others doesn't feel great to be honest, but I get it. 🙂

@UncleAlbie I'm firmly against capitalism, including ancaps, but I have no quarrel with other flavors of anarchism.

You seem like a nice person, so I'm not gonna boot you unless you start acting up. 😂

@helveticablanc I can respect that. 🙂

Yay, thanks! I'll just continue admiring your art. I promise. 😃

@helveticablanc You made me search the meaning of SWERF. I'm glad I did! 🙂

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