It's official folks: my website is up and running! AND I'm on the Merveilles webring! ⭐️

@helveticablanc omg looking gorgeous ~ I really like the section illustrations, it's giving me ideas 😬

@helveticablanc Yaaay! Welcome to the webring :>! Are you gonna make a website icon? (plz say yes :>)

@helveticablanc Can't wait to see it :>! I'll put it in my links page~

@rek I'd be honored! (That reminds me, I need to get a links page going)

@helveticablanc wow! I really like your aesthetic!! The bit of texture you have in some pieces is so interesting.

@helveticablanc Gorgeous website! Really suits your work as well. Giving me some inspiration to revamp my own site a bit too :ablobnwn:

@helveticablanc it's a nice brutalist and minimalist treat. we love to see it :mac:

@helveticablanc wonderful <3

it's nice to be able to browse your stuff out of a social network

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