Every year or so I get the urge to make another ambient / generative track to go with my art. Do y'all have any recommendations for good Mac or Linux DAWs for generative stuff?

(Also, you can hear what I've made already if you're so inclined: )

@helveticablanc Bespoke Synth is very interesting to me, and free.

@mcc - I use Bespoke as a pedalboard for my basses. ...and I like it a lot.

+ @helveticablanc

@helveticablanc i strongly agree with the bespoke recommendation, but if youre looking for something more similar to ableton live, and you dont mind propreitary stuff, then Bitwig is probably your best bet. There are some videos floating around of people using "the grid" (Bitwig's internal modular synth environment) for generative music

@helveticablanc there's also orca, but I'm assuming youre already familiar with it since youre on merveilles

@jaxter184 I've heard good things about Bitwig, and Orca is definitely on my list for more uxn noodling soon!

@jaxter184 @helveticablanc +1 for Bitwig's grid, though TIL via this thread about Bespoke, that looks sweet.

there's also of course VCV Rack, and stringing various standalone applications (thinking like Hydrogen for sequencing, a synth of some variety, etc.) over Jack/Pipewire if you're feeling *extremely* adventurous

@helveticablanc I tend to prefer using a standard DAW that I already own, like Logic Pro, to arrange the instruments, effects, mixing, etc., and just driving it with a generative tool, since the latter tend to be pretty basic on production features. The one I've used the most is Nodal, but I don't know if it's the best or what you're looking for.

@helveticablanc Bespoke is available both for both Mac and Linux. Not exactly a DAW in a traditional sense, but really good for generative stuff

I think it depends on how much you'd want to tinker.

You could interconnect several softwares using jack and record the output.

You could use exclusively vcvrack

You could try #zrythm. It has built-in modulators like bitwig and it's free and #freesoftware .

@helveticablanc I second Bespoke and Bitwig. Also, if you are into some hardcore dataflow programming then you can use Pure Data.

@helveticablanc nice songs, I dig it! I normally use Ableton on the Mac, since I got a license but I heard good things about Bitwig for Mac/Linux. Some years ago I used seq24 to make some experimental songs in Linux that I mixed on Ardour, but sadly the state of Linux music production is still far from ideal. I've also been curious about SunVox, which runs on pretty much everything.

@bd Thanks! I've been using Ableton on Mac as well, and thought that since I make so little music, I may as well push myself to experiment with interesting DAWs or new ways of making / recording!

Second the Sunvox recommendation. I'm no great musician, but I'm driving it with Orca and it's really fun.

@helveticablanc you can get fl studio running with wine quite easily, for an older version like fl studio 10 you can p much just run the installer. i don't do much generative stuff but it's a good daw at least

@helveticablanc not 100% sure what you want. Like do you just want a plug in to make music for you? Or do you want to fine tune parameters? Anyway I use Ableton but my favorite plug in is Vital which you can set up to do some crazy things.

@savoryaudio I'm definitely a "fine tuning" person, but I was just hoping to get the lay of the land from folks who make generative / ambient music more often than I do.

@helveticablanc I’m just saying that I recommend checking vital out. You can create generative patches with a lot of control but you will have to learn sound design techniques but this is the easiest tool to use to wrap your head around that too.

@helveticablanc @luka numerology by five12 is an amazing for Mac. It’s a sequencer with tons of logic and modulation built in. May not be true randomly generative music, but if allows to get a very similar vibe with slightly more reproduce-able results

@helveticablanc as other suggested, Orca, Bitwig and VCV Rack are excellent suggestions

Pure Data, Tidal Cycles and Supercollider are worth to check out if you want to go more into making music by code

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