Just made a little animated webring button for the first time in over 20 years. 👀


It looks like garbo cause it's being blown up like, 815%. Ah, social media.

Anyhow, go see the real thing soon on the webring:


@helveticablanc - oh I didn't realise the above was the visual you were going for. I thought this gif was a little different from what you do...

Not sure if anyone else sees this but I get this (tumbling ninja cats):

@tonytrandesign Nope, that's the person above me. Mine should appear in a day or two!

@helveticablanc OH! my bad - well then, that's sometime to look forward to! Diggin it.

@neauoire @helveticablanc
ooooo! that was very fast & can confirm I'm looking at the right one this time. (minus my added sparkles. ✨ )

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