and with careful considerations
of geometry, velocity, angle of approach
finally, their orbits met and
were bound by gravitas

#poetry that has a planet, a star and incredibly for me, no mention of the Moon...

@helveticablanc Luna attracts my attention whether I'm conscious of it or not; well played. Also your alt text has taught me "asemic", what a fascinating word. I don't think Wiktionary's definitions do your artistic use of them justice! https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/asemic

@wordsmith I call her Mūn, and she's something of a patron goddess to me. 😌

Ah, what an honor to give a new word to a poet!

@helveticablanc "Pronunciation: IPA(key): [mɯ̟̃ᵝːɴ]"
well this is going to get complicated, I don't think my computer's clipboard has ever seen some of those characters.
I'm guessing her lore and story is part of your Patreon content?

@wordsmith Haha, it's just a long "u", so real similar to "moon".

Also, indeed! I'm hoping to start publishing more "lore" stuff publicly, but it all starts on Patreon!

@helveticablanc This evokes feelings in the way that SoulReserve, over on https://soulreserve.tumblr.com/ , writes about the Moon.

@helveticablanc your art is so cool! I find the shapes-with-faces and mysterious writing really intriguing, especially with the sigils connecting them/breaking them apart.

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