Is it silly to already have a name for your hypothetical boat? I honestly see myself as more of a "cabin in the woods" person, but it's nice to have a boat name just in case.

I also have color schemes for future places picked out, so I guess it's not too weird.

I'm personally a monochrome void, but my nesting partner is a walking rainbow, so you can imagine the funny compromises we come to on our living aesthetic.

@mcc I think it's less of a goal and more of a contingency. Gotta keep my plans open!

@helveticablanc @neauoire lmao basically I just paint them. Sometimes I have names as well😅


@b3n *writes down "cabin in the woods" on his imaginary "potential boat names"-list*

@b3n @helveticablanc I do like it, but a nightmare to say on the radio XD.

@rek @b3n OMG, I hadn't considered that.

And here I was thinking of calling the boat "Baby". Not anymore! 😂

@helveticablanc Alas, I am forced to be a monochrome void *because* I am a walking rainbow. I obviously can't change all the colors of a space every few seconds on anything outside of my computer, so I have to pick one thing to consistently stay with when dealing with physical space :P

@helveticablanc I like rainbow stuff, my partner prefers monochrome or black. He's also an introvert and a night owl, I'm an extrovert and my bladder makes me wake up after 6 hours, even if I go to bed at midnight. It's a wonder that we're able to cohabit and yet we've done so for about 10 years now.

IOW, be kind to your walking rainbow, please? ;)

@trishalynn Oh, don't get me wrong! I love my walking rainbow dearly, and I'm always so grateful for the color she brings to my void! 😌


if you are a monochrome void
i must be an empty room devoid of air

or maybe my mind's mirage/image has been mistaken ...


on the network, we know each other by words, by images, by sounds ...

there is (always) so much more (even/especially when speaking of ourselves) ...


so thx (you monochrome void you)


@js0000 My work may be colorful, but alas, I only wear black and white! Hence a monochrome void. 😂

@helveticablanc well, a "cabin" is also a room inside a boat. Now imagine a wooden boat. Just throwing that out there.

I plan to name my next boat "Stay Free" after the song by the Clash. And the hull will be 🧡Orange🧡!!! I want 🧡Orange🧡 sails too.

@helveticablanc that's a level of planning I wish I had the capacity to perform

@helveticablanc The name for the boat is "Cabin in the Woods", right ? 🤔

@helveticablanc oh, me too. I have a boat name already and have no intentions of ever owning one.

Mine would simply be called Bob.

@helveticablanc definitely not, especially if it's likely to become your home. Having said that, sometimes names become obvious to those who listen, so you might find yourself floating cradled by an unforeseen phenomena :o)

@helveticablanc I came up with a name for my future cat a couple of years ago. I still don't have a cat, but I keep the name.

@helveticablanc - I chose a name for my hypothetical boat after combining ideas from different parts of the Pacific. It would be a skin-on-frame canoe with a single leeward outrigger and a curved crab-claw sail.

The name of the boat would be the traditional term for a thin line tattoo. ...which is also the word for fishing line and the name of a striped fish.

No other boat (and I've seen a few) inspires me more than the Waan Aelon Kein. My dream simply shares the spirit of that walap.

@helveticablanc - What rules is that Waan Aelon Kein was built to teach youth on the Marshall Islands how to build the traditional boats and how to use them to sustain their own way of life. ...a way of life that could be gone (along with the atolls) before the end of this century.

I'm just a student of the giants before me. ...a pretty mediocre one at that. But the incentive to learn is intense because of the urgency of the matter. Everything counts at this time.

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