Is it silly to already have a name for your hypothetical boat? I honestly see myself as more of a "cabin in the woods" person, but it's nice to have a boat name just in case.


I also have color schemes for future places picked out, so I guess it's not too weird.

I'm personally a monochrome void, but my nesting partner is a walking rainbow, so you can imagine the funny compromises we come to on our living aesthetic.

@helveticablanc Alas, I am forced to be a monochrome void *because* I am a walking rainbow. I obviously can't change all the colors of a space every few seconds on anything outside of my computer, so I have to pick one thing to consistently stay with when dealing with physical space :P

@helveticablanc I like rainbow stuff, my partner prefers monochrome or black. He's also an introvert and a night owl, I'm an extrovert and my bladder makes me wake up after 6 hours, even if I go to bed at midnight. It's a wonder that we're able to cohabit and yet we've done so for about 10 years now.

IOW, be kind to your walking rainbow, please? ;)

@trishalynn Oh, don't get me wrong! I love my walking rainbow dearly, and I'm always so grateful for the color she brings to my void! 😌


if you are a monochrome void
i must be an empty room devoid of air

or maybe my mind's mirage/image has been mistaken ...


on the network, we know each other by words, by images, by sounds ...

there is (always) so much more (even/especially when speaking of ourselves) ...


so thx (you monochrome void you)


@js0000 My work may be colorful, but alas, I only wear black and white! Hence a monochrome void. 😂

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