I recently "downgraded" from my workhorse iMac to an older Macbook Air, and I already love how much better it fits my workflow. Plus I'm now solidly off the update / upgrade hamster wheel, so that's a relief!

It's one of my first planned shifts toward being more mobile and less energy-consuming in the long haul. One step closer to my off-grid, permacomputing dreams!

@narF Because you just gotta close the lid on a laptop to make it sleep. 😂

I got my first laptop the other day, and spent ages trying to figure out the key combination to make it sleep.

Y'all, I'm a dumbass. 😂

@UncleAlbie I'm firmly against capitalism, including ancaps, but I have no quarrel with other flavors of anarchism.

You seem like a nice person, so I'm not gonna boot you unless you start acting up. 😂

It's so funny to me that on Twitter I have to tap a sign every couple weeks that says "My art is not for fascists, racists, transphobes, SWERFs, ableists, capitalists, crypto / NFT weirdos, or anyone sympathizing with them" and block folks en masse.

Over here, I just casually mention I'm an anarchist every now and then, and the folks interacting with me tend to filter themselves. It's great.

@js0000 Indeed! They're all part of the Inner Realms, and I've been working on a kind of loose narrative project in the background for a while now! Hopefully it'll see the light of day soon. 🙏

@dualhammers In a way, it's understandable — but my experiences with "community" have been absolutely abysmal.

@dualhammers The grim reality is that it's easy to keep collective action from working if you can keep everyone barely treading water.

@rek @HXLNT It's funny: I feel like a bad transfemme for not being super technically inclined, either. NB artist solidarity!

@schwabe I just added to my cart and checked a couple shipping destinations. It says it's free for me. Is it not showing that for you?

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