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wanted to share some photos I was sent of how the Soul of the Beast physical release is coming along with other new Atari 26OO games🔥

I kinda can't believe this is a thing that is happening

cc @helveticablanc @rutherford

I don't know when The Shift happened, but slowly I've come to think of the Fediverse as my online home instead of Twitter.

I look forward to logging in here and seeing posts full of fascinating projects and insights, and then I gotta log into the bigger platforms to post my art and run away. 😂

I've been doing a lot of thinking, and I'm gonna shut down my society6 store at the end of the month. I'd MUCH rather collab with small home goods creators going forward.

So: get your pillows, blankets, shower curtains, and phone cases while you can!

After a year of noodling, I FINALLY finished v1 of my new website. Gonna push it live to github later today and then start figuring out how to transfer my domain to a new registrar and connect the pieces! 😤

I realized I hadn't updated my pinned post in over a year, and wanted to put some more recent, accessible images while I was at it.

Thank you for indulging my rare bit of self-promotion here!

My Mac has been giving me trouble for a couple years now (it's the last of the intel iMacs, so I suspect it's because everything now is optimized for Apple's newer chips), so I decided to roll back to Mojave yesterday. So far it's sooo much better. AND I don't have apps constantly bugging me for updates since I couldn't use the new versions anyhow! 😅

I don't normally promo my print store here, but I know my international friends have told me shipping has been prohibitive before. Sooooo...

Now through April 3, INPRNT is giving free worldwide shipping to all orders over $30 USD! 👀

Do I know any wealthy folks who wanna support my art by letting me and my partner live in their cottage in the woods?

Let me be your personal art hermit.

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