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@Ylfingr the plumber is "an interprocess communication tool" on Plan 9 and related systems, but really it's just xdg-open but kinda better.
You can select some text and send it to the (well, a) plumber service, which matches it against your plumb rules, and decides what to do with it. Usually it opens it with some kind of program.
This means that you can open files, but also have rules for stuff like git commits, so when you plumb one, it gets dumped in diff form somewhere.
It's usually accessible through a menu item or is bound to right-click.

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@grainloom @Ylfingr (also today I'll write about plumber in my bachelor thesis. I'll focus on the tool as a supporting tool for a hypermedia system)

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One week away from the SDF Fall 2020 Plan9 Boot Camp. Contact sdf.org membership to request your slot.


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How you deal with TLS certificates in the Gemini server I'm working on:

You don't.

It generates self-signed certificates on startup for all of the hosts it's configured for, and rotates them when they expire, with no manual intervention. Gemini clients TOFU (trust on first use) the certificates when they encounter them for the first time.

No cronjobs, no acme, no .well-known, it just werks.

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....why the hell don't common #terminal emulators have a "plumb" feature.
sure, you can click URLs, but how often do you wanna do that compared to opening a file?
pls, Linux, steal more ideas from Plan 9.

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Studio Ghibli just released a ton of free-to-use 1080p images from their films, which gives me hope that we’ll someday see these films come into the public domain.


Thanks, Miyazaki-san!!

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I know everyone is getting themselves in a tizzy over the XP leak right now, but Bitsavers just released a hard drive image from an ETH Ceres (!!) workstation. Something tells me it won't be long before it's emulated too :)
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@sir @lanodan

Quote from Rob Pike:

"dd is horrible on purpose. It's a joke about OS/360 JCL. But today
it's an internationally standardized joke. I guess that says it all."

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Unix myths:
- tar(1) has arcane options
- dd(1) is for block devices copying
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Plan 9 cat clock but it displays the doomsday clock time

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JUST finished the bottle of gin I made while in Japan.

Time to start another batch~!


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These are so good, NIN made a series of shirts inspired by the pandemic and the state of the US.

I love NIN and I've had Every Day is Exactly the Same stuck in my head many times during the quarantine.


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The BBC Micro:bit could have been a terrific little platform to teach the basics of assembly, instead it relies on a clusterfuck of half-working tools to teach Typescript.

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I left Facebook long ago, deleted my account and I’ve had no regrets. I’ve held onto Instagram and Twitter for different reasons, but this weekend I removed the apps from my phone. A step towards closing those accounts.
Trying to be more selective and intentional about how I spend spare moments of time.
This is in no small part inspired by that article @grey posted earlier.

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looks like namecheap has done something that's breaking the glue records for nyu.tokyo

consequently, you may experience DNS issues when accessing sunshine gardens services.

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