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9front's new Intel 8265 wifi driver works great -- now there are more options for 9front wifi in the Thinkpad X250.

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Do not worry what your brain will produce.

Plant seeds and see what grows.

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Did some Marching.js shaders and Orca stuff for an exhibition that will take place near Chambéry in the south of France, I will also do a performance on Tidal Cycles with Flopine on the visuals.
First time I'm doing an exhibition!

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Oh the 9front build image is broken on source but

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I hadn't realized that the Hundred Rabbits logbook made 1st page of hackernews yesterday.

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@neauoire the constraints are pretty similar to Wirth's CPU for the Oberon project.


It's actually specified in an HDL:


You could at one point exchange cash for hardware:


Granted, Wirth's design allows for 1MB RAM for running a graphical, #plan9-like OS on a monochrome 1024×768 display:


The entire thing (kernel, GC, GUI, compiler, and HDL design fits in a few tens of thousands lines of code.

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Here's a video of our North Pacific ocean crossing from Japan to Canada, in which we spent 51 days at sea.

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We're giving a talk to our local yacht club, the name is "no fridge no problems".

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Started to organize our repositories on sr.ht into projects, we've also collected a lot of the example files for Orca and Famicom in their own repos:


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Using numbered variables for the rule further simplifies the code,
and because it's based on relative offsets, the drawing unit can be repeated multiple times.

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Hi. I'm Lucija. I'm from Paris, France, I'm a developer/creative coder and I like to do researches on many scientific and creative fields. I speak French, English and I'm learning Spanish and Toki Pona.
I manage a streaming platform/netlabel/TOPLAP node called @neuvoids and Microparsec, a Discord server around arts and code. (discord.gg/td5ZU8A)

I'm on the fediverse since 2017.

:triangle: :tridot:

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Got our hands on an Origo 3000 alcohol stove! Will be experimenting with this in the coming days. It's in a very good condition :>.

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Plan9 is the only operating system that impressed me with the “text as a user interface” concept

Reminder that SDF will be hosting a Plan 9 fall boot camp:

“Just a quick note that to participate in the upcoming SDF Fall 2020 Plan9 Boot Camp you must email membership to reserve a slice. The Summer camp closes this month and the Fall camp opens on October 2nd! Activity schedule will be posted on the wiki.sdf.org Thank you for the code contributions in ~ftp/pub/sdf/plan9!“

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Thank you to all 58 participants in the SDF Summer 2020 Plan9 Boot Camp! Everyone had excellent code submissions, chats and discussions during the event.

We are now announcing the opening of the SDF Fall 2020 Plan9 Boot Camp that now runs From October 2nd through the end of the Year.

Would you like a slice? Just email membership @ sdf.org for information and to reserve yours right now!


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