Now posting an audio narrated manual page a day on bird site and web mirroring at

and over 9p at tcp!!626

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@omni I’ll look into serving an RSS feed for them :)

@henesy I saw your post on the bird and I thought it was a joke, but the fact that it's real is the best punchline of all.

@henesy looking back on this notification, I think my tone was ambiguous. I think this is really cool. in fact, I wish there was more stuff like this around. :)

@khm yooooo this is so good!!

Let me see how this unrolls - would love to work together some time

I will gladly +1 whatever you do :))

@khm @henesy you have both very nice voices, man pages as audiobooks what a nice idea!

@khm @henesy if only my cpu servers would be strong enough... My terminals are stronger

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